Scale of Control: Israel’s control over the Gaza Strip

Ever since disengagement in 2005, almost every discussion about Israel’s policy toward the Gaza Strip eventually raises the question: Does Israel still control Gaza? On one side of the argument, there are those who claim that Israel no longer controls Gaza and therefore no longer bears responsibility for what goes on in the Strip. On the other, there are those who believe Israel alone is responsible for the situation in Gaza because it continues to exercise full control over the Strip, even after the removal of its permanent military bases and settlements.

In our opinion, the truth is more complex and it lies somewhere in the middle. Israel continues to exercise control over significant aspects of life in the Gaza Strip, but it has relinquished control – and with it, responsibility – of other aspects. “Scale of Control” offers a legal framework for Israel’s responsibility in the Gaza Strip based on viewing the “end of occupation” as a process that takes place over time.

The first chapter of the position paper presents a brief review of the areas over which Israel continues to maintain control in Gaza. We have decided to publish the paper in a series of short posts on our blog with the hope that they will help facilitate an open and informed public discussion of Israel’s policy toward Gaza.

Areas of control:

Airspace »
Territorial waters »
Land crossings between the Gaza Strip and Israel »
The land crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt »
The population registry »
The tax system »
Physical control of the Gaza Strip »
Control of civilian infrastructure »
Control over the Palestinian Authority and movement between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank »

( / 15.11.2011)

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