US releases frozen 200 USD Million to Palestinian Authority

The US Administration released frozen amount of 200USD million USAID for the Palestinian Authority, the Israeli Newspaper “Yediot Ahronot” reported late Monday.

The head of the US Foreign Affairs Committee, Leena Ros Lethmon, stated that the Obama’s Administration would transfer an amount of 50 USD million security assistance to the P.A along with 148 USD million.

The US Congress has frozen its aid for the P.A when the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) decided to submit its full membership bid at the United Nations. The US further threatened to veto the bid.

The US President, Barrack Obama, hasn’t recently talked about punishing Palestinians by freezing the USAID to the P.A, but the Israeli lobby made this step nevertheless the objection of several US and Israeli senior officials, the British Newspaper, The Independent, reported.

The US annually spends some 600 USD million involving health, education and security services for the Palestinian Authority, 50 USD million of which involving the P.A government budget.

“The US threats against the Palestinian UN application is a naïve decision because it is shameful,” added the paper.

The paper further said that the US former President, Bill Clinton, warned the Congress from moving forward in freezing USAID for the P.A because the US body is the closest assembly for supporting Israel in the whole world.

( / 07.11.2011)

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