Tutu lashes out at Israel

Archbishop emeritus Desmond Tutu on Saturday slammed Israel, warning the Middle Eastern nation that it should watch out as God is always on the side of the oppressed.

Tutu delivered the opening address at the International Russell Tribunal on Palestine in Cape Town earlier.

The tribunal is an international forum which is aimed at promoting peace and justice in the Middle East.

However, several Jewish bodies including the South African Jewish Board of Deputies have dismissed it as a kangaroo court.

The tribunal’s panel includes holocaust survivor Stephane Hessel, author and poet, Alice Walker and former South African cabinet minister Ronnie Kasrils.

It has already sat in London and Barcelona, and will meet again in New York later in 2011.

Speaking at its meeting at Cape Town’s District Six Museum earlier, Tutu did not hold any punches, saying the suffering inflicted by Israel on the Palestinian people, shows that it has forgotten the Jewish scriptures.

He said they have forgotten their own history and what their own prophets have said about our God.

Referring to the Holocaust, Tutu added that it pains him to see that a people who went through a crucible of suffering themselves, oppressing others.

He concluded with a biblical warning saying that the biased God of the past is the biased God of the present.

(www.eyewitnessnews.co.za / 06.11.2011)

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