“Occupy zionist embassies 11.11.11”

vrijdag 11 november · 0:00 – 23:30

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There are many events on facebook Global Peace day on 11.11.11 and other events for “Occupy the world”, but these invitations by unkown organizations, at all as we need peace for this world we must say “NO” for all war criminals like Netanyahu, Bush, Obama, Livny and many war criminal who don’t apply what they said about Peace.This day for Freedom Waves flotilla solidarity

Tatiana A Klimenko Kostanian
It is greatly appreciated to see that American Citizens are Standing Tall and Proudly at the Israeli Embassy. We need to tell Zionist-Nazi Israeli as peoples across all borders, we no longer want anything to do with them or have them represent us in any way. These Traitors of Democracy and Freedom are nobody’s friend anywhere. They are led and OWNED by Rothschild and we do not want his like in any part of the world we live in. Our GOAL as Citizens of the Globe, (not Nations) will be to bring down the Zionist State of Israel, owned by Rothschild.

I believe every consulate and Embassy in the world should be a Solidarity March Sit-in/action by every global Activist, working to bring down Zionist Israel and all the affiliations and individuals working with these traitors to humanity be brought also without reservation.

Remember, Zionist-Nazi Israel have been in operation since the 1700’s scamming peoples, govt’s, in every way, includes mass killings, Genocides, World Wars, Revolutions, killing: Kings, Queens, Emperors, peoples from every faith, nations, etc., taking away the Rights of Peoples and Nations.

We must stand on our own feet and NOT Depend on our Governments or Nations anymore. They are all the same, NOT Representing or Standing up for the peoples.WE can no longer Trust them. Money not peoples are their whole entirety of being.

Time for ALL of us to stand together, demand Justice, Full and Equal Representation, Full Transparency and for we the peoples to Stop Being Ripped off and Not Having Justice stand up for ‘we the peoples’. Time to take those who supposedly say they stand up for us, to be taken out of office and put into office in real honest peoples we can really rely on from one generation to the next.

So, Please, Occupy, Occupy, Occupy, without Violence and making sure ‘we the peoples’ win. MONEY can not take the place of anything or anybody. We Can Not continue any of this type of governance or leave our Children to live under this joblessness, control and endless greed in any country.
Anarchy must not enter into any of our People’s Demands.

ALL of Our Future Depends on the cost of what transpires in our lives.
Corporations Not Paying their fair share; Tax Loopholes must not continue in their favor; Every Citizen must pay their fair share; We the peoples must make sure Corporations, Govt’s, the Elite, pay their fair share and we the peoples especially in America, we the peoples forced to pay for what they should be paying. We must make sure Laws are adhered to and full Justice be implemented, period. Make sure across all borders, NOBODY IS ABOVE THE LAW. EQUAL JUSTICE FOR ALL

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