US sponsoring terrorism

Interview with Stephen Lendman, author of “How Wall Street Flee America”
Iran has recently exposed irrefutable evidence revealing the official involvement of the United States government in anti-Iran planning and  conducting acts of sabotage and terror in Iran and other regional countries.

The revelations came a day after the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei described the US as the great terrorist in the world.

In an interview with Press TV Stephen Lendman , author of “How Wall Street Flee America”, has talked of how US has responded to the evidence disclosed by Iran.

Press TV: Stephen thanks so much for being with us. Let’s just speak about how America is going to respond to these allegations. As I said of course these are not allegations that are being presented for the first time, Iran has been speaking about these allegations for long now. But now they have been presented with documents to the United Nations even it was announced to the US government.

Tell us what America is going to do about this? at this critical time and of course as you have been telling us a lot lately as it’s facing the situation at home Mr. Jalili [Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council] did refer in his remarks there to the 99 percent and one percent and he said our message to you American people is that your statesmen are now working for the one percent of power holders who benefit from the wars, who benefit from the capitalist system.

Lendman: Well, America is a hegemon. America simply does not care what any other nation thinks. America does whatever it wants to do. I wanted to scan the major media, every some of the important parts of it and see if there is any comment about Iran turning in documents as you’ve reported. I kept a New York Times which would be a lead paper. I saw nothing. Maybe something on the back page, a short article, but saying something brief and putting it well into the paper, few people will notice it.

It will also depend what kind of a headline they give it. Sometimes the headline has nothing to do with the issue at hand and when they do say something of significance in an article about an issue but say it appeared on the front page, at most they would bury the most important information people need to know well into the article and most people who read newspapers New York Times or any of the others or Time magazine , Newsweek and so on, they won’t read the whole article , they’ll look at the headlines, the title – they’ll read the first three, five half a dozen paragraphs maybe a little more than that. At most they will scan the rest of it, they won’t even know what Iran did, what the issue is.

At the same time, this is nothing new about this. I live here. I live in Chicago and I call this country what it is, it is global menace. It’s been that way at least since World War II and you can find statements by US officials including  some so-called dubs who made ,not is overtly belligerent,  it’s some of the comments that you hear today specially from republicans but also democrats these people are warriors, but even the dubs forty, fifty years ago made comments that if you read them closely they basically would say America has global interests, we simply can’t worry about things like civil liberties and human rights, we can’t worry about the fact that you know we call it also democracy, we need to act that way.

Well, what the issue is, America has a small percentage of the world’s population, it has a big need for the world’s resources and America will just take upon itself to go out and grab whatever it wants and that’s the way it’s going to be and these comments come from people who are dubs but they say it more diplomatically than that.

It’s a terrible situation. I literally think humanity is at risk and I say one thing about the Occupy Wall Street movement. I don’t think these people understand this. There is some anti-war sentiment being expressed but it’s mostly about corporate greed and so on. They need to focus on everything.

(  /05.11.2011)

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