Syria News – November 3, 2011

The security forces killed in Syria today (until now) more than 25 martyrs. 22 martyrs in Homs and 3 in Idlib this comes as the first result for the Arab league initiatives which was agreed by the Syrian regime yesterday

First day of the Arab League’s initiative: High price of syrian blood paid by the Syrian people

The day after the Syrian regime announced its acceptance of the Arab league’s initiative, which includes withdrawal of the army from cities, stopping the killing machine, and releasing the detainees, security forces and the regime’s Shabiha killed 25 Syrian citizens, destroyed tens of houses, and arrested tens in different areas.

The 22 martyrs including a child fell from being shot by security and the army shells in the city of Homs and Tal Al-Shor village, also including one of the soldiers who was shot in the head after refusing to shoot on the people. And the corpse of an almost 30 years old young man was found in Deir Baalouba with signs of violent torture. Fall of three martyrs were reported in Idlib.
And the neighborhood of Baba Amr also witnessed heavy shelling from Al-Arayees side, which led to the destruction of a number of houses.

The city of Homs also witnessed heavy overflights of military aircraft at low altitude, which focused on Baba Amr area, and the electricity cut off continued for the fourth day in a row in many neighborhoods of Homs, such as: Bab Tadmur, a part of Warsheh, and a large part of Bab Sbaa.

This and several Syrian cities and villages have witnessed protests that call for toppling the regime and chant for Homs and besieged cities, including Banyas/Qarir, Deir Ezzor/Jebila district, Latakia/Tishreen University, Damascus/Qanawat district, Hama, Idlib, Aleppo, and Kanaker in Damascus Suburbs. Protests also came out in the Colleges of Education and Economics in Daraa and pictures of Bashar were removed. Cities that enjoy sectarian diversity have witnessed attempts by the regime to undermine the unity of the Syrian people. As such they stole the corpses so as to hold the other parties responsible for the destruction carried out by the security apparatus. The campaigns of brutal raids and arrests in Damascus Suburbs continue and
reached Saqba, Kafar Batna, and Zamalka. Two students were detained from the faculties of law and sciences in Damascus following a protest that several students participated in. They chanted for freedom before they were attacked by security forces.

A campaign of arbitrary detention at Aleppo University was reported. This was accompanied by beating and insulting students in an attempt to suppress any anti-regime movement.

Today’s events leave no doubt that the regime continues to dodge and maneuver its way to buy time, that its agreement to the Arab League initiative is not worth the ink it is written in, and that it is going forward with its crimes despite approving the Arab
League initiative.

Thus, we see it incumbent upon the Arab countries to monitor the conduct of the regime, which is well known to be evasive and
deceptive, and to adopt a firm stance toward it in order to prevent it from utilizing this opportunity to commit more crimes.

In this context, the Coordination of Baba Amr in Homs has announced a distress call to the Arab League demanding immediate relief and to hold the League responsible for any more victims and crimes committed against the defenseless people of Baba

Damascus: Today the young woman Yaman AlQadri was detained, a second year dermatology student in Damascus, after she was severealy beaten by security forces and armed gangs (Shabeeha) in the guard gate of the University.

Damascus: Midan: A demonstration took off in Alqaa neighborhood demanding the toppling of the regime.

Idlib:Heavy fire on the Corniche Road accompanied violent clashes between security forces and dissidents.

Damascus:Midan:Evening demonstration go out in front of the Mahayni hospital chanted for besieged cities and demanded to topple the regime.

Lattakia:Qnenus:Out a second demonstration to demand to topple the regime.

Homs: Heavy gunfire in Jub Jendaly.

Damascus Suburbs:Zabadany:Out a demonstration of the Aljasser Mosque demand to topple the regime.

Damascus: Qaboun: An evening demonstration for the second time condemning the Arab initiative and demanding the topple of the regime.

Banyas:Albeeda:The spread of heavy security in the city square.

Lattakia: Heavy security deployment in Souk Al-Qazazeen after a demonstration came out near the area.

Lattakia: A demonstration started at Obada Bin Samet mosque, chanting for toppling the regime.

Daraa: Kherbet Ghazale: Massive protest in Freedom Square chants for besieged cities and calls for toppling the regime.

Raqqa: Campaign of arbitrary arrests reached dozens including the lawyer Marzouq Al Hamoud, visual artist Mustafa Al Ramu, Suleiman Al Hamed (university student), Aamer Mekri Al Huidi (univeristy student), following a protest that called for the toppling of the regime.

Lattakia: Hafeh: A campaign of random arrests, affected each of: Fahd Al-Kolia (42 years old) Majed Bradee (33 years old) Moaataz Hamdy Asaad (21 years old).

Aleppo: Manbeg: Massive night demonstration near Khalid bin Al Walid School hold the independence flag, chanted for the
besieged cities and called to topple the regime.

Daraa: Mahjeh: An evening demonstration, chanting for Homs and the besieged cities and demanding toppling the regime.

Hama: Kafar Zeita: An evening demonstration, chanting for toppling the regime.

Raqa: A massive demonstration started from February 23 street, chanting for freedom and demanding toppling the regime.

Hama: Demonstration came out in each of: Qusoor neighborhood, Janoub Al-Malaab, Hamediyeh, and Al-Karama eighborhood, chanting for besieged Homs and demanding the topple of the regime.

Idlib: Khan Sheikhon: Injury of at least two people, one of them is in critical condition, from heavy shooting following a demonstration that started, chanting for toppling the regime.

Daraa: Daeel: Night demonstration chanting for Homs and calling to topple the regime.

Lattakia: Heavy security deployment in Raml Al-Janoubi neighborhood.

Damascus Suburbs: Zamalka: Two demonstrations marched from Tawba and Kabir mosques condemning the Arab league initiative and calling to topple the regime.

Homs: An evening demonstration in Qusoor neighborhood, chanting for the besieged cities and demanding toppling the regime.

Aleppo: Manbeg: Night demonstration calling to stop the siege of the cities.

Hama: Taibet Imam: An evening demonstration, chanting for Homs and the besieged cities, and demanding toppling the regime.

Idlib: Basqala: An evening demonstration condemning the regime’s lack of commitment to stop the violence and chanting for toppling it.

Homs: Bayada neighborhood: Martyrdom of young Ibrahim Mohammad Al-Qarsh.

Damascus Suburbs: Qetana: A massive demonstration came out from Al-Ghaliany mosque after Isha prayer.

Homs: Sounds of explosions and heavy shooting in most of the neighborhoods of Khaldiyeh, and storming of Bayada neighborhood from the side of Al-Zeir street and Al-Taiseer mosque in conjunction with firing of many shells and heavy shooting.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: A demonstration took off from Al-Kabeer mosque, chanting for Homs and condemning the attitude of the Arab League and the time limits given to Al-Assad.

Idlib: Saraqeb: The corpse of an unknown young man was found southern of the town.

Idlib: Jabal Al-Zawyeh: More than 3,000 demonstrators in Rami village, chanting in solidarity with Homs.

Lattakia: Salebiyeh: A campaign of security raids at Al-Batta building, and electricity is cut off.

Idlib: Almaghara:Martyrdom of military Hamdo Ghassan Ahamdo shot in the head after he refused to fire on people in Homs.

Homs:Hawla:Fire from heavy machine guns and cannon fire from tanks on residential neighborhoods.

Raqqa:Funeral of the martyr recruiter Khaled Yahya Ahadjo to Cemetery Tell Albeaa amid wild cheers of the martyrs.

Idlib:Khan Sheikhoun Shooting from the center of the city by machine guns, sniper rifles to prevent the exit of the demonstration today, the army is still in its positions and there was no withdrawal or lifting of barriers.

Homs: Martyrdom of Ibrahim Altash by bullet of security forces in Bayada district.

Homs: Heavy gunfire in Ashira district in conjunction with electricity cut off.

Damascus Suburbs: Dameer: Arrest of Shaykh Ahmad Al Muthmani (62 years old) at one of the barriers.

Homs: Today, security forces stole 15 corpses from Wadee AlSayeh, 27 from Alfardaw cemetery near Firouzeh and 11 corpses from Alahali hospital in Homs, in addition to 2 corpses from Dwar Aljawiya and Khalidyeh. There is news of the security forces intention to mutilate the bodies and display the images to the media claiming the images are from a massive massacre.

Homs: Security forces and army at barriers opened fire on the funeral of the martyr Muhammad Jamal Al Houri and targets Taqwa Mosque in Khalidieh district.

Damascus: Cars full of security forces and army besieged the colleges of the University of Damascus in Mezze and Baramke and security vehicles patrolled both areas prepared to face any student protests such as what has occurred in the past few days.

Homs: Detention of pharmacist Hamid Ali Al Adlan for the second time from his pharmacy in Deir Ba’alba district.

Homs: Martyrdom of the child Mohammed LA Meslmani by two bullets, Tawfiq Al Masri was also martyred in Baba Sbaa.

attakia: Military enhancement in Ugarit square, Sheikh Daher and Raml.

Hama: Security forces are shooting toward a demonstration marched in AL Alameen Street calling for freedom and to topple the

Hama: Massive demonstrations in Ma’arzaf and Majdal villages in Sahel Al Ghab area chanting in solidarity with Al Madeq Castle and calling to topple the regime.

Homs: Baba Amr neighbourhood is shelled by artillery shells from Al Arais area. Some houses are destroyed because of the shells.

Homs: Many injured in Khaldieh neighbourhood due to security force gunfire, they security men are kidnapping the injured and the martyrs’ corpse.

Damascus Suburbs: Saqba: The security forces and the thugs supported with military soldiers stormed many houses and arrested lots of the activists, they also destroyed the furniture and looted the houses

Homs: Martyrdom of Khaled Khalifa Al Hmaydan. He was 36 years old. He was sniped in Deir Ba’alba and as such the number of
martyrs in Homs today has been raised to 13 martyrs.

Doctor Engineer Firas Al Jawabra, has resigned today from the International University for Science and Technology in protest at the Syrian regime’s violations of Syrian university’s campuses.

Homs: Deir Ba’alba: Corpse of a man in his third decade, found thrown and has brutal tortures signs, the citizens are trying to figure out who is he.

Damascus: A group of youth dye the big photo of Bashar and Hafez which is located near Al Batekha roundabout with red, the security forces removed the photo when they noticed that.

Aleppo: Tal Refa’at: Female students’ demonstration walked in the city in response to the Arab league initiative, called for freedom and to topple the regime.

Homs: Martyrdom of Jamal Al Howari, by security gunfire in Khaldieh neighbourhood which is witnessing a curfew, and any moving body in it is shot.

Homs: Tal Al Showr: Martyrdom of Ibrahim Al Ibrahimi; his brother Zakaria and their cousin Ramez were killed today by
security gunfire in their village which witnessed random artillery shelling and heavy gunfire.

Damascus Suburbs: The security force stormed today the house of martyr Lutffi Ahmed Al Kersh’s family and destroyed the furniture. Many houses in Kafer Batna and Saqba were stormed since today morning and many people were arrested among them are: Hussam Abelaal, 19 year old, Abdo Mahfooz Abu Al Dahab and the brothers Wisam & Louai Shaker.

Idlib: Maaret Al-Nouman: Security forces are creating new checkpoint on the road between Maaret Al-Nouman and Kaferouma, near the industrial school where armored vehicles, thugs and security force are based.

Deir Ezzor: Massive demonstration in Al Jubilia neighbourhood chanting for Homs, calling to topple the regime and stressing that they refuse all kind of dialogue with this regime.

Lattakia: The students lift signs today against the regime in Teshrin University, one of it written on it: The Eid comes when we topple the regime. This was in the College of Engineering.

Damascus Suburbs: Douma: Women demonstration calling to free the detainees and to topple the regime.

Damascus: A demonstration in Qanawat neighbourhood chanting for Homs and the besieged cities, and calling to topple the

Homs: Military aircrafts are flying on low heights in Baba Amr skies.

Damascus Suburbs; Kanaker: Students’’ demonstration in the village was dispersed by force by the regime’s security.

Homs: Martyrdom of Waleed Abrash, and injury of ten others in affect of heavy shooting by security forces in Bayada neighborhood.

Aleppo: A random arrest campaign along with assaulting and insulting the students in order to prevent any activity against the regime.

Homs: An 8 years old child was shot in the neck from the random shooting in Khaldiyeh area.

Homs: Tadmur: Students’ demonstrations came out from many schools, chanting for Homs.

Idlib: Kafrouma: Gunfire to disperse a students’ demonstration.

Homs: Funeral of martyr Mohammed Tawfiq from Abdul Rahman bin Awof mosque in Bab Sbaa, mourners are chanting for martyrs and to finish the siege on the city.

Homs: Martyrdom of Samir Mohammed Kashkash due to his injures from yesterday, and Nadia Dabool while she was inside her house due to random gunfire today in Karm Al Zaiton neighbourhood.

Hama: Al Madeq Castle: strike in all the schools in protest for storming the village and terrorising the people, some of the Military vehicles left the place after this morning operation toward Sqelbia.

Damascus Suburbs: Zamalka: Security forces are storming the city with huge numbers, building new checkpoints next to the main square and conducting arrest campaign.

Damascus: Students’ demonstration marched in the Faculty of Science, the security forces and thugs dispersed it and arrested one of the students who was participating.

Lattakia: Female students’ demonstration in the girls’ complex in Lattakia, chanting for Homs and to topple the regime.

Idlib: Saqla: Students’ demonstration in solidarity with Homs neighbourhoods which are under shelling.

Damascus Suburbs: Erbeen: Storming the city by military forces security forces and armed thugs. Similar forces are moving toward Hamowira.

Hama: Al Madiq Castle: The area is stormed with military and security cars and armored vehicles, under heavy gunfire to terrorise the people.

Daraa: Security men are forcing the students to leave the university and taking their mobile phones, they arrested many students after a students’ demonstration in the faculty of business and the faculty of education.

Homs: The electricity is still cut off for the fourth day in many neighbourhoods such as: Bab Tadmor, part of Al Warsha, big part of Bab Sbaa.

Daraa: A students’ demonstration in the College of Education, and tearing the picture of Bashar before security stormed the College and and dispersed the demonstrators, to be followed by another demonstration in the College of Economics, which is now besieged by security forces and Shabiha.

Latakia: Heavy security deployment in Tishreen University after anti-regime banners were raised there, mostly in the Facutly of

Homs: Very heavy shooting in Waeer Al-Jadeed (New) area in the streets of Mohammad Al-Ashmar, Masbah, and Al-Raees, and also in Waeer Al-Qadeem area.

Homs: Cut off communications in Inshaat neighborhood and Baba Amr neighborhood, which is witnessing a siege by security
forces and army, and heavy shelling by rocket-propelled, tanks’ machine gun, and heavy machine guns, which resulted so far the fall of two martyrs, tens of wounded, a destruction of a number of houses.

Homs: Martyrdom of Nafeth Bakkar from being shot by security forces in Baba Amr neighborhood.

Homs: Heavy explosions and shooting from machine guns by security units who are deployed at the barricades in Bayada

Homs: Martyrdom of Zaid Ibrahim Al-Khal from being shot by security forces in Baba Amr neighborhood.

Homs: Martyrdom of Sami Ihsan Nasr, in Karm Al-Zaitoon neighborhood, from being shot by security forces.

Homs: violent shelling by rocket-propelled and heavy machine guns on Baba Amr neighborhood, which affected a number of

Homs: strong explosions at Babaamrneighborhood, along with heavy firing from heavy machine guns.

Homs: Sporadic shooting of machine guns in the neighborhood of Bayada by security personnel stationed at the checkpoint Derbaalbh.

Amr Coordination: A distress call for the Arab league: Baba Amr is under the Arab initiative’s fire!

The Syrian regime didn’t wait the ink that the Arab initiative was written with to dry, in order to resume the military brutality campaign on Baba Amr for the second day.

At 6:00am, they sieged the neighbourhood from all directions (Al Barazil Street, Tarablus Street, Al Basatin, Al Mala’ab Road, Kafer Aya and the youth accommodations), it’s been shelled randomly since then by tanks and artillery shells.

Two have been martyred so far: Nafez Bakar and Zaid Al Khal. All kind of telecommunications were cut off, and the electricity is still cut off since yesterday.

Some areas had no electricity since 15 days. Mosques’ speakers in Baba Amr, Insha’at and Joubar are chanting with Takbeer (Allah Akbar). We are not able to aid the tens of injured because the neighbourhood is fully sieged. Any car that tries to help an injured is shelled immediately. Today all kind of weapons is used especially the heavy weapons.

People are frightened and so scared.

On behalf of Baba Amr, we are calling the Arab league for urgent distress. We are holding you the responsibility on our souls and all the massacres that the regime is conducting against the civilian citizens in Baba Amr.

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