Israeli Apartheid Wall

In 2002/3 Israel started the construction of a separation barrier of 670 km around the West Bank to stop the attacks on Israel. At first it was a plan of the Arbeidspartij – along the green line (pre-1967 border) –but Likoed took the idea and changed it buy getting the wall on occupied country. In other words, Israel stole land from the Palestinians. In this time many Palestinians, Arab  countries and  peace activists arrived in resistance.

In Palestine everyone has every time thought and said that the building the wall is the prelude to an annexation of the parts of the West Bank, where many Jewish settlers has build their houses. These illegal buildings are in line with the plan of Israel of a unilateral solution to the conflict betweenPalestine and the Zionist government of Israel.

July 2004 the International Court of Justice (ICJ) had declared that the barrier was illegal and the construction immediately had to be stopped, but Israel – as always – did not listen to the world and went on building an Apartheid wall on occupied land.

The United  Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs estimates that more  than 10% of the West Bank – home to nearly 50,000 Palestinians – falls on the  Israeli side.

A wall between people is an act of war, no trust and has to be stopped; the Berlin has  fallen and these wall has to be stopped and get away. The occupation and  isolation of Palestine has to be stopped, right now. The Palestinians have  right on their own country, their sovereign state and their own land and Israel  has to pull back to the borders of 1967, right now.




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