News of Palestine 04.11.2011

No word re Irish rugby star Trevor Hogan since this txt “Kidnapped, being held against our will. Boat nearly destroyed by Israeli army..”

Journalists held as Israeli navy boards Gaza peace flotilla | Media

in pic NOW: American Citizens Occupy Israeli embassy for #FreedomWaves flotilla solidarity march. #OWS @OccupyWallSt

RT @PALWaves Israeli police say @Majdkayyal has been released from Israeli detention over 10 minutes ago. #FreedomWaves

From prison, @alaa blogs that we was offered an instant release if he stopped criticizing Tantawi; he refused

Writers are currently detained by Israel –> Keeping the @CanadaBoatGaza‘s promise: Freedom Waves are just beginning

RT @bangpound ACTION IN PROGRESS: Activists occupy the Israeli consulate in Boston. Follow @kade_ellis for updates. #FreedomWaves

Immigration Authority: 4 flotilla activists taken to hearing prior to deport…

FREE all #FreedomWaves participants immediately!!

RT @theIMEU: Israel’s Siege of Gaza and Humanitarian Flotillas – Legal Background #rights #Palestine via @twttimes

France says it will abstain from UN Security Council vote on Palestinian

Israeli Navy boards Gaza protest boats

In the West Bank, a woman’s struggle for change

Father of Scottish journalist abducted aboard #Gaza #flotilla fears for his son: #FreedomWaves

Article written by two #FreedomWaves delegates currently detained by Israel #cdnpoli #p2ca #Canada4Gaza

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