News of Palestine 02.11.2011

Can we the #people unite against oppressing governments ? Lets support the #freedomwaves lets break the siege on #gaza

#gaza doesnt not need aid Gaza needs #freedom .#freedomwaves

#freedomwaves needs our support, our unity, our love, and our courage to say NO to oppression

The message we carry is one of unity, defiance and hope, in spite of Israel’s policies and complicity of govts like Canada’s. #FreedomWaves

breaking news #israel announced that they will not allow #freedomwaves to reach #gaza we ask ppl eveywr to  revolute and support this action

#freedomwaves an act of liberation form the corrupted systems that support the imperialist and colonialist powers


in the middle of the sea there are heroes writing history in the name of justice support them and support the #freedomwaves

Shalit is Free. Lift the siege of #Gaza now. ▶ Send a message to Obama, Reps & Senators

what is #freedomwaves ? its a global action against injustice against oppression its an attempt to say no in the face of the occupier

We call on all of you! ▶ To surf the #FreedomWaves for #Gaza #Palestine, for #HumanRights & Lifting of the illegal siege plz help RT

RT @osiris322: RT @earthtonadine: Israel views the #FreedomWaves Flotilla to Gaza as a ‘provocation’ – aid is a provocation, but bombing & e

RT @NYTBronner: What about: “As #FreedomWaves Head for Israel, Israelis sense Existential Tsunami” …..GOT IT! Look out for it in tomorrow’

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