Palestine today 01.11.2011

Launch of dozens of flares over the Beit Hanoun. House bombed which caused it to burn, No injuries – safa #PRAY4Gaza #Gaza #HRW #Palestine

ok, this is the 4th explosion(not too loud ones) in 20 minutes in #BeitHanoun , north #Gaza#israel #Palestine

#UNESCO funding cut over #Palestine vote may harm US economy, not to mention isolate US and Israel diplomatically

Electrocution death of a child in Rafah Mohammed Jihad al-Akhras (10 years) was killed Tuesday evening after…

#Canada cuts funding for #UNESCO

Thousands of UN schools staff strike for third time in Gaza Strip – The National

?RT @STRATFOR: Palestinian official says Israeli military op in #Gaza would expand to West Bank to punish PNA for seeking full UN membership

:\  RT: @RichardDufek: #Israel has reportedly ordered its military to prepare for a ground operation in #Gaza.

IOA services demolition notices to five families in Silwan –

‘IDF has green light to stop Gaza rockets’ incl ground operation: (YNet),7340,L-4142646,00.html #Palestine

Netanyahu’s office said construction of 2,000 housing units planned in East Jerusalem, Gush Etzion, and Ma’aleh Adumim should be expedited.

GAZA TWEEPS !! Any1 confirm ? safa reporting heavy fire from the east of #Rafah and Sufa gate east of #KhanYounis

RT @danmike1: #URGENT *heavy fire from the east of Rafah and Sufa gate east of Khan Younis via safa !! #Pray4gaza #Gaza #Palestine @AJSTREAM

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