New report on the true reality of Palestinian Prisoners

UFree have released a hard hitting report summarising the situation faced by Palestinians detained by the Israeli occupation.

The report looks at the breaches of international law by the Israeli authorities; the demographic make up and categories of Palestinian prisoners themselves and the 2011 hunger strike.

It highlights the shocking treatment all Palestinians are subjected to, including women and children. One alarming statistic in the report is that one in every four males in the West Bank and Gaza have experienced imprisonment in Israeli jails – forty percent of all Palestinian men.

The demands of the prisoners on hunger strike shows the barbaric and humiliating treatment of the prisoners – who are asking for basic rights such as: permission for prisoners to be allowed visits from family (in Gaza); children to be allowed to touch their parent without a separation barrier; access to education and medical care and the end of collective punishment.

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( / 30.10.2011)

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