Palestine today 29.10.2011 III


AlQuds FM Radio: number of injures in the latest Israeli airstrike in #Rafah

#Israel decided to shut down Krm Abu Salem crossing tomorrow #Siege #Gaza #ApartheidIsrael

Let me say this again: Gazans PLZZZZZZ stay away 4m the fully destroyed former #Gaza intl. report! Israel always bombs it! becareful plzzz

Drones still flying through #Gaza sky now.

Breaking News: Israel used heavy rockets of F16 jets to raid on Gaza Strip, a home of more than 1.7 million.

BREAKING | Breaking News: Israeli army bombs Gaza, 5 wounded in the north. via @Sameh_Habeeb

Breaking News: Fear spread in Gaza as Israel target innocent civilians.

Breaking News: Israeli army bombs Gaza, 5 wounded in the north.

Breaking: 2 injuries till now in a new Israeli air strike on Rafah few minutes ago! #Gaza

Our correspondent (SAFA) : Israeli air strike targeted a group of citizens west of #Rafah in southern #Gaza #PRAY4GAZA #HRW #Palestine

Rocket Attacks Could Hold Up Release of 550 More Deal Terrorists – Arutz Shev

RT @Remroum The land stealing, ethnic cleansing, apartheid state of #Israel is bombing #Gaza. Rise. Resist. Boycott. #BDS

#breaking Israeli attack #now on #Rafah city with reports of injuries. #MoreNewsToCome #Gaza

Our hearts and minds are in Gaza again tonight. We pray for protection for the people, and for courage for the resistance.

No Palestinians injured from the FOUR shells fired East of Beit Lahia. And they did it without a $200m Iron Dome. #gaza

via safa .. dome has been able to intercept a single missile fired at Beersheba #Gaza #Israel #PRAY4GAZA #Palestine

55 years ago, Israeli Forces massacared 49 Palestinian civilians in the town of #KforQasem #WeWillNeverForget

Sabri warns: Demolishing Maghareba prelude to destroying the Aqsa

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