Lieberman: If Gaza rocket fire does not stop, there will be consequences

Foreign Minister says Israel does not want confrontation with Palestinians but will not tolerate repeated attacks on its territory.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman threatened a strong Israeli response to the rocket fire from Gaza on southern Israel on Saturday.

“Israel is not seeking a confrontation with the Palestinians and does not want to escalate the current situation, but it will not tolerate barrage after barrage without retaliating,” Lieberman said during a press conference with the president of Republika Srpska on Saturday.

“I hope that already tonight neighboring countries and the international community will intervene to put a stop to the rocket fire,” he said. “If the rocket fire does not stop, there will be immediate consequences in the coming days.”

A barrage of rockets hit southern Israel on Saturday evening, lightly wounding two people.
The rocket attack came hours after an IDF strike on the Gaza Strip that killed five Islamic Jihad militants.

( / 29.10.2011)

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