Militants attack bus in Syria

3 people have been killed and many others injured when armed militants attacked a bus carrying textile factory workers in the Syrian city of Homs.

The militants blocked the street and fired gunshots at the bus. Homs, which is situated in 160 kms to the north of the country’s capital Damascus, is the city where the opponents of the current president are usually most active.

Since March, mass riots have been taking place throughout Syria. The rioters demand that President Bashar al-Assad resign.

The US and the EU also insist that Mr. Assad should go. To put pressure on him, they had introduced a number of sanctions against Syria.

( / 29.10.2011)

Israel assassinates Five Palestinian in Rafah city

Israel assassinates Five Palestinian in Rafah city

Al Qassam website – Israeli war planes shelled the southern Gaza Strip on Saturday, with medics reporting five people were killed and three injured.

Witnesses said that Israeli forces fired two shells at a site used by Islamic Jihad’s armed wing near Tal al-Sultan, northeast of Rafah city.

Medical official in Gaza Adham Abu Salmiya said five were killed and three injured in the strike, and transferred to Abu Yousef al-Najjar Hospital in Rafah.

The medicals named the martyrs as Ahmed Ash-Sheikh Khalil, Basil Abu Al-Ata, Emad Baker, and Mohammed Shatat.

Al-Quds brigades said in a statement that one of their military sites in Rafah was attacked and a number of fighters were killed and injured.

The brigades said they will respond soon with an attack inside Israel.

An Israeli army spokesman has confirmed the attack.

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29-10-2011 • SP-Kamerlid Sharon Gesthuizen wil dat minister Leers de documentatie over Mauro Manuel opnieuw ‘in samenhang’ onderzoekt. Gesthuizen heeft van asieladvocaten stukken van de IND ontvangen, waarin staat dat bij een beroep op de discretionaire bevoegdheid ‘in elke zaak gekeken wordt naar het samenstel van de door de vreemdeling aangevoerde bijzondere en schrijnende omstandigheden’. Gesthuizen is van mening dat Leers enkel gekeken heeft naar afzonderlijke schrijnende omstandigheden maar niet naar de samenhang in die omstandigheden. Ze eist van Leers dat hij de zaak opnieuw bekijkt volgens de richtlijnen van de IND zelf.

Sharon GesthuizenGesthuizen: ‘Wat de minister deze week heeft gedaan klopt niet. De minister zegt steeds dat de omstandigheden afzonderlijk niet schrijnend genoeg zijn. Maar hij bekijkt het geheel niet in samenhang. Het feit dat Mauro al bijna 10 jaar in Nederland is, en een gezinsleven heeft opgebouwd met zijn pleegouders en pleegbroertje. Hij spreekt vloeiend Nederlands en volgt hier zijn ICT-opleiding. Het feit dat hij de taal niet meer spreekt van Angola, het land waar hij niemand kent en naar toe dreigt te worden gestuurd en waar hij bang voor is. Aan al die criteria voldoet Mauro gewoon. Dat de minister de afzonderlijke omstandigheden niet schrijnend genoeg vindt is onbegrijpelijk, maar in samenhang kán de minister niet anders dan vaststellen dat het een schrijnende situatie is. En dan is een hoop mogelijk. Gisteren bleek tijdens Nieuwsuur dat een jongen in een vergelijkbare situatie door voormalig staatssecretaris Albayrak is gered. Het kan dus gewoon binnen de regels, maar het lijkt er op dat de minister geen oplossing in deze zaak wil en er aan vast houdt een harde daad te stellen om de PVV te bedienen.’

Donderdag vergaderde de Tweede Kamer, in aanwezigheid van Mauro zelf, over de dreigende uitzetting van de jonge Limburger. Het voorstel van het CDA om een studievisum voor Mauro ‘met voortvarendheid’ te behandelen noemt Gesthuizen ‘valse hoop’. Namens SP, PvdA, GroenLinks, D66 en ChristenUnie legde Gesthuizen donderdagnacht een stemverklaring af, waarin ze uitlegde waarom deze partijen de motie van het CDA niet konden steunen:

Moties betekenen heel simpel: kiezen voor of tegen. De keuze is nu echter moeilijk en ook oneerlijk. Ik heb het over de motie van het CDA betreffende het studievisum. Wij weten namelijk niet waarvoor wij kiezen als wij hiertegen ja zeggen. Niet alleen weigerde de minister vandaag op onze vragen over de procedure rond dat visum duidelijkheid te geven, waardoor wij, evenals degenen die het betreft, compleet in het duister tasten, maar het is ook een motie die de verantwoordelijkheid helemaal op de schouders van Mauro Manuel legt, en daarmee voor ons, die nu moeten kiezen, onduidelijk is. Wij weten niet of Mauro dit aankan. Waarvoor kiezen wij? Wij zouden hiermee stemmen voor een oplossing voor de minister, een uitweg, en niet voor maar eerder tegen een oplossing voor Mauro. Zoals gezegd, is de motie te vaag om een oplossing te bieden. Zij biedt valse hoop. Er is geen garantie dat Mauro zijn aanvraag in Nederland mag indienen. Er is geen garantie dat Mauro tijdens en na zijn studie mag blijven. Wat als hij het vereiste niveau niet haalt? De motie betekent voor zover alleen een uitstel van uitzetting naar Angola van de jonge Limburger. Daarom is deze motie voor SP, PvdA, ChristenUnie, GroenLinks, D66 en Partij voor de Dieren niet acceptabel en zullen wij tegenstemmen.’

( / 26.10.2011)

Revulsion, Resistance & Angry Words from Tripoli University

“When the bodies were first exhibited curious people came and some said bad insults.  But by the next day the atmosphere has completely changed. People came to honor Colonel Gadhafi for his courage in dying for what he believed was best for Libya and that was to keep Libya free from colonialism.”

Franklin Lamb

Tripoli University

The people I had hoped most to be able to find upon returning to Libya were eight students from Fatah University (now renamed Tripoli University) who became my friends during three months in Libya this summer.  They had all been strongly opposed to what NATO was doing to their country (NATO bombs destroyed some classrooms at the University during final exams in late May) and I was very keen to sit with them again if possible since the August 23rd fall of Tripoli when most of them scattered given the uncertainties of what would happen and we lost contact.

Thanks to Ahmad who was waiting for me we re-united quickly. Some excerpts and impressions from yesterday’s all night gathering with Ahmad, Amal, Hind, Suha, Mohammad and Rana:

“I know Sanad al-Ureibi”, Ahmad said disgustedly about the 22 year old who is claiming he fired two bullets at close range into Muammar Gadhafi on October 22nd.

Amal, Ahmad’s fiancée interrupted him: “We are very angry but not really surprised by what Sanad did.  He’s a stupid guy and I am sure someone whispered in his ear that he would become famous and rich if he did NATO’s dirty job by killing Colonel Gadhafi.  NATO did more than 1000 bombing attacks “to protect Libyan civilians” but killed thousands of us instead.  For sure NATO and their puppets want  as many of our leader’s dead as possible in order to avoid years of a court trial that would expose NATO’s many crimes and those of certain western leaders.”

Ahmad:  “Sanad told my cousin the day after he assassinated Colonel Gadhafi that he is promised protection and that the TNC will not arrest him despite their, for western ears only,  announcement of a planned “investigation” of how Muammar and Mutassim died. Everyone in Libya knows that the investigation of the assassination of  the rebel military commander Abdel Fattah Younes last July has gone nowhere because the Islamist faction who committed the Younes murder is close to Jalil.”

Ahmad continued, “Like some of his friends, Sanad did fight for a while with the rebels and he sometimes changed units because it was fun and now he plans to form a gang to protect rich Libyans and foreigners as they continue to arrive here to help, as they claim, to rebuild our destroyed country and make democracy. Now we all so exhausted from all the needless killing I am not sure what kind of democracy we will have or even want.  American democracy?  It’s very great? Sometimes it seems you have more problems than we do.  At least we have free education, free medical care, and homes and are not living on the streets without jobs.

Mohammad joined in:   “One Israeli-American Company has offered Sanad and other young men who refuse to give up their guns a job recruiting former fighters for proper training as Libyan police.  There are some Blackwater (XE) people here are also trying to do business with NATO agents for private police forces around Libya. Anyone who thinks NATO is going to leave us in peace is mistaken.  More of them arrive every day.”

Hind, who has not wavered since last summer in her opposition to what she calls “NATO’s team” also voiced strong offense and condemnation of certain pro-rebel Sheiks who have declared that Gadhafi was not a Muslim.  “Everyone knows he was a devout Muslim.  His last Will stated, “I do swear that there is no other God but Allah and that Mohammad is God’s Prophet, peace be upon him. I pledge that I will die as Muslim.”

Hind added, “Please tell me who are these TNC Sheiks to say who is are and who is not a Muslim. In Islam it’s between each of us and Allah and nobody else’s business.  If these Sheiks were better Muslims they would have opposed what has been done to his body and that of his son and friend in Sirte and Misrata. It is haram. I am very angry and disgusted.”

Suha complained about “the views of NTC leader Mustafa Abdul-Jalil toward women and that with the already announced repeal of the marriage law, Libyan women have lost the right to keep the family home if they divorce. It is a disaster for Libyan women. Under Gadhafi leadership women in Libya had more rights than in any other country in the Middle East.”

Ahmad explained: “   I am ashamed of what some Muslims are doing.  Our religion does not allow for this mutilation and the freak show the TNC put on in that refrigerator.  I was in Misrata with friends to pay our respects and was surprised how many others were doing the same as our group and for the same reasons.  When the bodies were first exhibited curious people came and some said bad insults.  But by the next day the atmosphere has completely changed. People came to honor Colonel Gadhafi for his courage in dying for what he believed was best for Libya and that was to keep Libya free from colonialism. I don’t believe the media is accurately reporting this. Our leader died a hero like Omar Muktar in my opinion and history will prove this someday.”

Again, his fiancée Amal interrupted Ahmad,   “As Colonel Gadhafi revealed in his Will, NATO made him several offers if he would abandon his country to them. Foolish and criminal NATO established our leader forever as a great resister to colonialism and a patriot for Libya, for all of Africa and for the Middle East. I believe that Colonel Gadhafi died a far more honorable death than the leaders of NATO will. He has more dignity in death than Hilary Clinton and her absence of dignity shown by her stupid comments about his death.”

Amal then said, “I became ill when I left him.  His skin was almost black and his body was rotting quickly with fluids leaking on the floor. They must give him immediately to his family and ask Allah to forgive themselves for their haram. One of the guards told me Colonel Gadhafi was sodomized with a rifle by NTC fighters. He showed the video on his mobile but I would not look. ”

Suha spoke: “We also visited the Mahari Hotel in Sirte where we saw more than 50 bodies of Gadaffi supporters.  Some had their hands behind them bound by plastic handcuffs and were executed at close range. Others had been taken from hospital beds and murdered. This crime is just one more example of the lies of the NTC and NATO.  NATO forces commanded and controlled their rebels and knew what they have been doing.  NATO is responsible for destroying much of our country and for what will surely happen in the coming days.”

I first met Ahmad what now seems like a couple of years ago, but in actuality it was only last June. We sat at an outdoor cafe on Green Square (now renamed Martyrs’ Square) and talked about NATO’s obvious plans for Libya.  Since August 23rd and the precipitous collapse of the loyalist resistance in Tripoli, which Ahmad had been organizing some of the neighborhoods to participate in, he has been on the lam as friends got word to him that NTC death squads were on his trail even staking out the Radisson Hotel lobby where he used to meet with journalists and western friends. Ahmad blames the lack of a real defense of Tripoli, that took us all by surprise, as “our incompetence and some high ranking traitors” for the non-implementation of plans to defend Tripoli from NATO’s rebels.

His first words after we hugged were:  “Now the real resistance will begin! The Libyan people are now even surer than they were during this summer that the NTC sold our country to the NATO colonial countries.   As NATO continues to hunt down Saif al Islam, many around our country are making Saif the new leader of the resistance to colonialism in Libya and in Africa. I personally pledge my support for him and pray that Allah will protect him.  Watch what the Gadhafi tribe and my Waffala tribe do together in the coming weeks—but also starting today. Maybe NATO can be said in some ways to have won round one.  But let’s see what happens in the many rounds to come.”

( / 29.10.2011)

Fatah says Israel wants to start ‘cycle of violence’

GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — The Fatah movement in Gaza strongly condemned an Israeli airstrike which killed five Islamic Jihad fighters in the southern Gaza Strip on Saturday, a statement said.

The movement described the airstrike as an “assassination crime committed by Israeli occupation forces.”

The Israeli government is attempting “to throw the region into a cycle of violence and systematic state terrorism against the Palestinian people,” the statement added.

( /29.10.2011)

Palestine today 29.10.2011 IV

Al Aqsa Radio: Breaking: A huge explosion rocks Khan younis now #Gaza

#Gaza is currently being bombed. International Law is non-existent as murder takes place in the besieged open air prison.

Palestinian missile hits building in S. Israel

israeli tanks fire 2 shells north of gaza, #Gaza#palestine#GazaUnderFire

Drones have never buzzed as loud as this before #Gaza

Breaking: Palestinian fighters launch home-made rockets to defend the civilians as Israel kills 7 in less than 12 hours.

Get OUT of that mental trap of distinguishing between ‘Israelis’ and ‘settlers’. Stop fooling urself. ALL Jewish ‘Israelis’ are ‘settlers’.

Islamic Jihad: #Israel‘s forces strike #Gaza training camp, killing 7.

In de laatste 9 uur zijn er in Gaza door Israelische aanvallen al 7 doden en 4 zwaargewonden gevallen. En de aanvallen gaan nog steeds door.

Israel is at “war” with Gaza exactly the way US colonists were at “war” with Native Americans: Invaders who took the land from its people.

Breaking News: Israeli Government to attack Gaza with Full force. Thus,a number of Palestinian civilian victims is expected in few hours.

Breaking News: New Israeli raid target civilian house in Khan Yonis, 1 child wounded so far according to medical staff.

Israeli Army attack Gaza and breach calm. Consequently, 7 Palestinians killed & 20 wounded. The attacks affected lives of many civilians.

Breaking News: Israeli Navy open heavy fire off Gaza shores, northern parts. Civilians are in fear as Israel launch its heavy fire & rockets

BREAKING NEWS | New explosion heard now in Khan Younis! Ambulances rushing to the place! #Gaza

*BREAKING #Now loud explosion shook the western city of #KhanYounis, southern #Gaza Strip #Pray4Gaza

Breaking News: Israeli air force in full operation over Gaza. More than 20 air raids left 7 dead, 20 wounded in less than 12 hours@SkyNews

Breaking News: Israeli air force in full operation over Gaza. More than 20 air raids left 7 dead, 20 wounded in less than 12 hours.

Breaking News: 2 Palestinians killed in Khan Yonis city of Gaza

Rocket from Gaza lands near home in Ashkelon; 1 injured –

Breaking News: Israeli jets bombs east Gaza now…

Ask any question about violence in Palestine, and the answer is inevitably: Zionism. Zionism IS violence. Zionism IS racism.

2 pal martyrs r: Hamed Al Najjar & Osama Abu Sebet. both members of Saraya Al quds armed wing of Islamic Jihad #Gazaboth blown into pieces

Gaza Under Israeli Attacks – Timeline Israeli Military Ops on #Gazaso ALL know who breaks truce every time

Al Quds Radio: 2 martyrs reached Najjar hospital till now, they were blown into pieces! medical sources said! #Gaza #israel via@Omar_Gaza

#PRAY4GAZA 2 martyr’s + injured RT @dimaeleiwa: Israeli sources announced the death of an Israeli due 2 Palestinian rockets launched #Gaza

Konflikte – Weitere Raketen auf Israel – Explosion in Gaza

Two Palestinians killed and critically injured an Israeli shelling east of Rafah, southern Gaza Strip #PRAY4GAZA

the Israeli air strike near a mosque occured Southern Rafah #Gazaleaving 2 martyrs & 1 critical injury till now

Israel bombs the hell out of #Gaza & now they announced closure of#Gaza‘s commercial crossings bcoz of Palestinian rockets!!!!??? confused?

Another Israeli air strike on east of #Rafah ! 1 martyr, 2 injured after being striked near a mosque in Rafah #Gaza

Palestine today 29.10.2011 III


AlQuds FM Radio: number of injures in the latest Israeli airstrike in #Rafah

#Israel decided to shut down Krm Abu Salem crossing tomorrow #Siege #Gaza #ApartheidIsrael

Let me say this again: Gazans PLZZZZZZ stay away 4m the fully destroyed former #Gaza intl. report! Israel always bombs it! becareful plzzz

Drones still flying through #Gaza sky now.

Breaking News: Israel used heavy rockets of F16 jets to raid on Gaza Strip, a home of more than 1.7 million.

BREAKING | Breaking News: Israeli army bombs Gaza, 5 wounded in the north. via @Sameh_Habeeb

Breaking News: Fear spread in Gaza as Israel target innocent civilians.

Breaking News: Israeli army bombs Gaza, 5 wounded in the north.

Breaking: 2 injuries till now in a new Israeli air strike on Rafah few minutes ago! #Gaza

Our correspondent (SAFA) : Israeli air strike targeted a group of citizens west of #Rafah in southern #Gaza #PRAY4GAZA #HRW #Palestine

Rocket Attacks Could Hold Up Release of 550 More Deal Terrorists – Arutz Shev

RT @Remroum The land stealing, ethnic cleansing, apartheid state of #Israel is bombing #Gaza. Rise. Resist. Boycott. #BDS

#breaking Israeli attack #now on #Rafah city with reports of injuries. #MoreNewsToCome #Gaza

Our hearts and minds are in Gaza again tonight. We pray for protection for the people, and for courage for the resistance.

No Palestinians injured from the FOUR shells fired East of Beit Lahia. And they did it without a $200m Iron Dome. #gaza

via safa .. dome has been able to intercept a single missile fired at Beersheba #Gaza #Israel #PRAY4GAZA #Palestine

55 years ago, Israeli Forces massacared 49 Palestinian civilians in the town of #KforQasem #WeWillNeverForget

Sabri warns: Demolishing Maghareba prelude to destroying the Aqsa

Lieberman: If Gaza rocket fire does not stop, there will be consequences

Foreign Minister says Israel does not want confrontation with Palestinians but will not tolerate repeated attacks on its territory.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman threatened a strong Israeli response to the rocket fire from Gaza on southern Israel on Saturday.

“Israel is not seeking a confrontation with the Palestinians and does not want to escalate the current situation, but it will not tolerate barrage after barrage without retaliating,” Lieberman said during a press conference with the president of Republika Srpska on Saturday.

“I hope that already tonight neighboring countries and the international community will intervene to put a stop to the rocket fire,” he said. “If the rocket fire does not stop, there will be immediate consequences in the coming days.”

A barrage of rockets hit southern Israel on Saturday evening, lightly wounding two people.
The rocket attack came hours after an IDF strike on the Gaza Strip that killed five Islamic Jihad militants.

( / 29.10.2011)

Palestine today 29.10.2011 II

Panic and Fear spread across Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip.

Update: Explosion in the east of #Gaza city few minutes targeted a small group of resistance fighters

Breaking : 2 Huge explosions rocked Gaza city seconds ago ! #Gaza #Palestine

#Gaza really is seriously on fire now and I just woke up! Yalla, we still have the whole night to go.. Bring it on ya #Israel

Breaking: Reported Israeli shelling central Gaza Strip via safa #Gaza#Pray4Gaza #HumanRights #HRW #Palestine

Breaking News: Israeli air force kills 5 Palestinian civilians in Gaza which drew response from Palestinian freedom fighters.

Breaking News: Israeli air force bombs several civilian targets in Gaza.

An #Israeli missile hit empty land close to Balsam Hospital. Ambulances rushed to the place but there were no injuries thank god #Gaza

RT @occpal: █▌ CONTINUOUSLY UPDATED #Gaza under attack

#ProtectGaza #Pray4Gaza RT @dimaeleiwa#Gaza will rock tonight :/

Islamic Jihad commander killed in Israeli strike

#Israel justifies #Gaza raid, Palestinian groups retaliate –

Israeli extremists distributing fliers w/ photos, addresses of released Palestinian prisoners, calling for their murder

Advocacy Groups Condemn Campaign against Released Prisoners

JERUSALEM, October 29, 2011 (WAFA) – Palestinian advocacy groups Saturday condemned what they described as Israeli incitement against released Palestinian prisoners in Jerusalem, according to a press release.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club (PPC) and the Committee of Families of Jerusalem Prisoners condemned in a joint press release the campaign led by right-wing Israeli fanatic, Aryeh King, who called on Israelis to pursue and locate all prisoners in Jerusalem who were released as part of the October 18 prisoners exchange.

King published a brochure displaying photos and information about the Palestinian prisoners under the title, “Warning: Danger, Terrorist in Town,” said the release.

It said Israeli police and authorities were aware of the campaign but did nothing to stop the extremists, indicating Israeli government compliance in plans to target the released prisoners psychologically and physically.

It held the Israeli government responsible for what might happen to the prisoners and any danger to their lives.

PPC and the families committee called on Egypt, the main coordinator of the prisoners’ deal, to warn the Israeli government of the ramifications of ignoring the extremists’ practices against the released prisoners and urged local and regional organizations, as well as the Palestinian Authority, to protect them.

( / 29.10.2011)