What they told the Palestinian ~ by @docjazzmusic

Do you want to know what they told the Palestinian?

First, they told the him he did not exist. Then they told him he wasn’t Palestinian, just Arab. In the mean time they were spending a lot of effort on brainwashing the remaining Arabs that they weren’t Arabs, but Jordanians, Iraqis, Saudis, Egyptians, Libyans and Yemenis.

Then they told the Palestinian his land was a complete desert until they turned it into a green garden. They ignored the fact that the vast majority of Palestinians are farmers from generation upon generation, and that you can’t farm a desert.

They chased the Palestinian from his farm, and told him he was not a farmer but an Arab bedouin, and could therefore just as well live in a refugee tent.

They told the Palestinian they killed his father because he was ‘standing in the way of progress’ – he refused to leave his home and farmland, after all. They told him they killed his mother so that she would not bear more children. They told him they killed his brother because he threw a stone at them, and that they killed his sister because she violated a curfew when she was walking home from school.
They told the Palestinian that he was genetically and culturally prone to violence. They said this while they were beating him up with the butts of their rifles.

They told the Palestinian he could not get a permit to build a home for his family on his own land, and they said this while they were building homes for Jews on his land.

After he spent fifteen years of his life savings and built a home to give shelter to himself, his wife, and his kids, they came with bulldozers and razed the home to the ground. They told the Palestinian that he did not have a permit, and that his home was illegal. The Jewish homes they built on his land according to them were legal, even though they had stolen the land by force to build those.

They told the Palestinian that he was a barbarian, and that they were civilized. They added that human rights were just an invention of other civilized nations that did not apply to them.

They told the Palestinian that they wanted to make peace, while they not only continued waging war, but also continued to steal more land, build more Jewish homes on it, and placed checkpoints between every village and the other. They also built a huge prison wall around all remaining Palestinian-inhabited areas. This way, they broke the Palestinian’s economy, and then said that an economically viable Palestinian state was simply impossible.

They told the Palestinian that the was uneducated, and then closed his schools and universities for months in a row.

They pulled the Palestinian from his bed, and took him to jail. He asked why he was imprisoned, and they said the military judge would tell him. He never got to see the judge.

They told the Palestinian he was a terrorist. Then they told him he was an ‘anti-Semite’. He said ‘I can’t be, I am a Semite myself’. They told the Palestinian that you have to first be human to be a Semite, and that since they were the ‘Chosen People’, they would decide who is a Semite and who is not.

They told the Palestinian many more things. The things mentioned above were only the least ridiculous things they told him.

What they failed to understand, is that there is barely any Palestinian left who gives a damn what they say. After all, no matter what nonsense we are told, we know who we are, we know where our home is, and we shall liberate it and return.

(occupiedpalestine.wordpress.com / 25.10.2011)

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