IN GOD ..oh no.. DOG WE TRUST | Wanted Dead NOT Alive


No it’s not the movie. It’s Reality in West Bank Palestine October 21, 2011.

Lawlessness like this you expected in the 18th century Wild West of the Americas or in the movie like on the right , but not (?) in the only self pro-claimed “democracy” of the Middle-East “Israel”. However, here you can read, G-d’s choosen people neither are bothered by any manmade nor Divine law at all.

But it happened. Some Godless “Jewish” extremists with severe paranoia vera and funneled up supremacy taking the law in own hands now and offered a 100.000$ Bounty to kill 2 Palestinians who just we’re released after being excused by the Israeli president Peres in the exchange agreement so Israel got Gilad Shalit back, ALIVE and well treated in good shape.

So Bibi seems to have a problem, his all mighty powers seem not to extend beyond the green line as far as he thinks, but to be honest, it won’t bother him at all actually the law & order of the so called “State of Israel” is a ruse itself.

Bring the Dogs in….

Not bothered by Jewish teachings they not trust in GOD  nor “walk in His ways” (Devarim 28:8) but indeed in DOG, behaving like 1930′s nazi Germany the “State of Israel” supplied the illegal settlers of the West Bank with arms, grenades, tear gas &…. dogs (pictures)

Even the moms are trained to Kill….

Not only that, but the illegal colonists also were trained in using them for “protection” against Palestinians, who barely can come even near an illegal settlement without being shot to death immediately. Even the illegal settler moms, shooting a gun standing aside of her toddler in a buggy.

Call to Slaughter of Palestinians….

Not that especially the ex-prisoners which have been excused are a target, on September 25, 2011 those illegal settler glued posters in the West Bank calling for slaughter of Palestinians. I may remind you that this was before any prisoner exchange at all but solely motivated Israel fearing the hot breath of a statehood-bid by Palestinian President Abbas. Or not exactly the statehood, but merely the legal possibilities of persecution for warcrimes against Palestine

More Zionist Terror Incitement…

Nothing divine at these chosen people. Their only drive and intention seems to be given in by “Rabbi” Meir Kahane -like calls to butcher all goyim (non-jews) whether they are Arab, Muslim, Christian or whatever… even attacking their own rabbis supporting peace and coexistence with Palestinians. Watch for yourself in this video

All for the “Greater Israel”…

Illegal Settler violence is very common in the occupied territories. Israel violating the Geneva Convention, The Hague Convention and more International Law as well as an impressive list of over 224 UN Resolutions is not bothered at all  settling inside occupied territories is illegal, it is one of the  many way of the well planned ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

For Israel is not looking for peace at all but this:  as published  “in this map of the Greater Israel” by Rabbi Avrom Shmulevic of the Bead Artzein (“For the Homeland”) Movement to help the “prophecy” of a Jewish Homeland, even before the supposed messianic age or rebuilding of the temple but more because of previous zionist leaders calling for eradication like David Ben Gurion who saidL “We must expel Arabs and take their places.(1937, Ben Gurion and the Palestine Arabs, Oxford University Press, 1985)

Non violent Activists Deported – Violent Mercenaries Imported….

While all eyes were “conveniently” distracted to Palestine’s  UN-bid the “State of Israel” prepared the Illegal colonists and the army with “Operation Summer Seeds” for a rampage by funneling up more paranoia than even before, but actually still on course of the teachings of zionists and  hate-rabbis.

In the meanwhile, peaceful international activists are being arrested or even were and are prohibited  from entering Palestine, “Israel” deports those who “commit” solidarity and non-violent “activism” but allows openly the call to import militants with military experience (as published in the call) of the French department of the Jewish Defence League, which is by the way an offspring from the same Kahane/Kach movement and terrorlisted. Even in Israel, US, Canada and beyond.

Illegal Colonists on Rehearsal Torching  A Mosque & More….

Supplied with the latest gadgets, definitly not because of any Palestinian action at all but Settlers acting in retaliation against their own “government” in so called “price-tag” attacks, making the Palestinian people victim of every punishment or sanction “Israel” lays on colonists. Colonists last month increasingly committed grave violence. Like displayed in the picture they torched a mosque. On Sept 30, 2011 A Settler Lunch mob even sexually abused a female activist and much more unimaginable violence can be found in the category: Settler terror

President Perescondemned the act after it (amazingly) leaked out in international press and even visited the site. Only in a PR Tour for Israel itself demolishes Palestinian properties as well as mosques all the time without anyone mentioning it at all.

Short of Repentance….

The “Israeli Government” full of acted shame and condemnation of the arson of the mosque in Tuba, demolished only 3 days later another mosque in the Jordan Valley itself.

Also in the great ethnic cleansing campaign. October 10, 2011 B’Tselem published a report announcing the government had approved the forced displacement of 27.000 bedouin in Area C of the West Bank. This additional to the earlier approved a plan to “relocate” 30.000 Bedouin from Naqab (Negev) Desert. The largest ethnic cleansing campaign and a new  Nakba in the making57.000 new homeless palestinians. While the world is in silence and ignorance.

Making the Desert bloom by “Development”….

Nothing new here as well. While the world is believing the myths of the “Holy Land”,  the unholy silently continue the program and pogroms not to relocate but to eradicate every Palestinian trace of proclaimed Israeli grounds, grabbing more all the time. No, Palestine’s KristallNacht did not take 1 night. It goes on for over 63 years. Already in 2005, an advisor to Shimon Peres told the US  already that Negev “development” plan meant “relocation” of 65,000 citizens. Every dot on this map, is an ethnically cleansed Palestinian Village, vanished from the face of the Earth. Nevertheless, knowing these facts (!) Hillary Clinton recently proclaimed that Palestinians had to be more flexible.

Israeli Extremist destroy what already blooms….

“When you lay siege to a city and wage war against it a long time to capture it, do not destroy its trees, wielding an ax against any food-producing tree. Is a tree of the field a man who will come against you in the siege?” (Deuteronomy 20:19) A teaching from Real Judaism.  But hence, extremists settlers as well as the “State of Israel”  Striving for recognition of  be a Jewish state destroy the Olive trees as well. 1.2 Million trees, representing 25% of West Banks agriculture and agricultural economy have been torched, uprooted or even stolen in a systematic policy of the “State of Israel”. Everything. To deprive Palestinians from a home, live, and even the trees that are blooming on their own lands (which they cannot access anyway most of the time at all) and Jewish settlers steal their crops.

Not even the death are safe anymore….

On October 8, 2011 Jewish terrorists desecrated a Christian as well as an Islamic cemeteries in Jaffa, descreated the graves and painted slogans on the tombstones like: “Death to Arabs” and “Price Tag”. “Israel” has a huge problem and is totally out of control of the settlers and it’s own soldiers who  (literally)  break  law (and bones) with their own hands (watch the video warnimg: very graphic)

The Extremists’ Blood Money & Bounties….

Yesterday published one G-d Chosen Family illegally occupying West Bank lands, announced to pay $200.000 for the murder of some Palestinians. Today Palestinian Information Center published another call of a “Jewish family” for a manhunter willing to pay $100.000 for the assassination of 2 released prisoners of Palestine in the by Israel itself approved swap for the previously only Israeli captive in Palestinian hands, Gilad Shalit.

But Silence seems to be a Golden Bounty of Israel…

But you are not supposed to know all of this. More important. You need to shut up about it all. To ensure, no matter whatever happens in the “Holy Land” it not has to get out of there, so you all will keep believing the myts, the propaganda, the lies and the atrocities will be kept a big secret. At all costs. Even if this means human lives.

The zionist propanda machine takes care of that for you by pushing all buttons. That’s what matters. No truth reaches you. Only all possible buttons and switches are pushed to MUTE the TRUTH. That’s what matters in “Israel” So how long, will you keep silent about this. Ignore the calls for bounty, manhunt, or even Washington Post blogger and Israeli representative calling for Genocide in public?

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