A Call to the honest Egyptian

Today 24 hours after Gadaffi has been killed, we must open our eyes in Egypt, we must not think that the Fall of Gadaffi will make it easy for Egypt, now its sure that we have on 2 borders enemíes.

and in Egypt we Still have the Military Council who is nothing else but a longer arm for the imperialist World.

The Egyptian Revolution was great but, what is now, as the Egyptian have got divided each for his purpose.we forgot that only united we could achive the small success.

Our enemy, the enemy of he egyptian nation is still acting forthe USA&Co, even the situation is that they got a lot of groups on their side, alot of groups who only care to get up in this new Egypt as to build a Party and dont care about the main Case.

They forgot that we want a new Egypt a Social Egypt and not a Egypt to be stolen for its enemies, what ever the reason is.

So to all the Egyptian please dont trust talks of anybody special the Military Council and Tantawi.

dont Trust

-. Who claims to defend Egypt but 6 Border Police have been Killed and he didnt make anything

dont Trust

-. Who still gives israHELL Gas for cheap money when the nation is against it

dont Trust

-. Who belonged to Mubaraks traitor gang, and still steal Egypt.

Dont Trust

-. who gets the civil egyptian infront of the military trial, while Mubarak get a civil trial

Dont Trust

-. Tantawi, the Muslime Brotherhood, and the false media

dont Trust

-. who allow he Army to attack the civilian, and calling for it in the TV

dont Trust

-. who changes the name of the “Criminal” State authority (Centrel Security) into (National Security)  but the same old crimminales are controling it.

so its one thing we must do, get rid of of all this crimminals who wants to rule control us. and not only those in Egypt but all over the World.

We Egyptian must keep the aim infront of our eyes and then the world will learn from us the true Democracy

(Raef El-Ghamri / Facebook / 21.10.2011)

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