Clashes rage in Syria between army, deserters

DAMASCUS (AFP) — Clashes raged Thursday in Syria between troops and suspected army deserters as more civilians were reportedly killed in the crisis-hit country, a rights group said.

On the diplomatic front the Arab League announced that Syrian authorities had agreed to allow a delegation to visit the country next week as part of efforts by the 22-member organization to defuse the spiraling violence.

“We have received approval from the Syrian government to receive a ministerial delegation headed by Qatar on Wednesday, October 26,” Arab League Assistant Secretary General Wagih Hanafi said in Cairo.

The delegation will also include Arab League Secretary General Nabil al-Arabi and the foreign ministers of Algeria Egypt, Oman and Sudan.

Violence in Syria has intensified in recent weeks as defections from the army reportedly increase, and at least five civilians died in Thursday’s violence, the Syrian Observatory f

( / 20.10.2011)

or Human Rights said.


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