Arab world 20.10.2011

20.10.2011 23:03:07 Cabinet approved an agreement to raise the price of gas exports to Jordan
10/20/2011 22:28:54 prisoners of hamas gov: 5300 prisoners are still in the prisons of the occupation
10/20/2011 20:03:53 President shall grant release of the prisoners of the financial editors
10/20/2011 19:54:13 occupation arrested 14 protesters in front of the Hasharon prison
10/20/2011 16:47:49 Conference for the Reconstruction of Gaza in Amman next Monday
10/20/2011 16:30:27 Hamas confirms postponement of Meshaal’s visit to Jordan for reasons of “logistics”
10/20/2011 16:25:24 Erekat: Members of the Security Council will give their opinion membership of Palestine in November 11
10/20/2011 16:10:28 adjust the Israeli tourist port of Taba in possession of a weapon and ammunition
10/20/2011 15:30:55 a central opening emphasizes the need to complete reconciliation and prepare for the meeting of the Quartet
10/20/2011 14:30:41 Egyptian source: exchange deal between Israel and Egypt during the days begin to cross Taba
10/20/2011 14:21:49 occupation forces stormed the area in the upper suburbs of Nablus
10/20/2011 13:51:59 President shall grant the release of prisoners of finance editors in their honor
10/20/2011 13:29:07 request of the manufacturer: all Palestinian prisoners Shalit is for Palestinians
10/20/2011 13:16:30 Erekat: Israel responsible for the collapse of the peace process

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