Wheat to be grown on 16.892 million acres

LAHORE: The Punjab Agriculture Department has fixed a target to bring 16.892 million acres under wheat cultivation during current Rabi 2011-12 to achieve the production target of 19.205 million ton.

The Agriculture Department spokesman said on Sunday that out of the target 1.152 million acres would be brought under wheat in Barani districts of Rawalpindi Division with an expected yield of 0.805 million ton.

The Punjab Agriculture Department recommended seven wheat varieties including Chakwal-50, GA-2002, Aqab-2000, NARC-2009, Baris-2009, Dharabi and NARC-2011 for cultivation in Barani areas this year.

The Directorate of Agricultural Information, Punjab has launched a campaign through print and electronic media to educate wheat growers about latest production technology for achieving maximum yield.

(www.brecorder.com / 16.10.2011)


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