Arab league condemns Israeli decision of constructing 2610 new settlements outposts

The Arab League strongly condemned early Sunday the Israeli decision of constructing 2610 new Israeli settlements units between cities of Jerusalem and Bethlehem, the Palestine News & Info Agency-WAFA- reported on Sunday.


The Arab League Committee, specialized for Palestine and the Occupied Territories, called upon the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon, international organizations concerned and human rights communities to send fact-finding missions regarding the miserable circumstances and serious Israeli violations against the city of Jerusalem and its residents.

“The ongoing Israeli settlement plans carried out by confiscating Jerusalemites’ lands aim to establish a wide belt of settlements including settlement of Gilo, Abu-Ghnaim Mountain, Ramat Shlomo, and Besghat Ze’av, north of occupied Jerusalem. This belt leads to the separation of Jerusalem from the illegally Occupied West Bank totally. In addition, the settlements’ belt definitely ends the vision of a Two-State Solution and establishing an independent Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its capital,” the League’s Committee reads in a statement issued on Sunday.

The committee assured that there is a collective and direct responsibility held upon the United Nations, the International Quartet and all international organizations concerned t

( / 16.10.2011)

o stop the Israeli ongoing violations in Jerusalem and all occupied Arab territories.


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