Tens of thousands stage pro-Assad rally in Syria

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad still enjoys a wide base of support among Syrians and this rally in the Syrian Capital was a huge boost. His supporters say he needed in the ongoing standoff with street protests in Homs and Hama.

The Rallies kicked off early Wednesday and drew thousands of people to the Seba Bherat square in the heart of Damascus. By noon, aerial view of the rally showed an impressive human tide chanting their loyalty to Assad and waving Syrian flags.

The Pro-Assad rally came weeks after mounting international pressure on the embattled Syrian president and a failed US-backed resolution against Syria at the UN.

The March was called for by local NGO’s and Syrian on line Media groups. Assad supporters carried posters thanking Russia and China for opposing their veto to the American-led campaign against their country and they dismissed claims by the opposition that the march was entirely orchestrated by the Government

Support for President Assad remains strong in Syria’s two largest cities, Damascus and Aleppo where he enjoys the backing of Syrian minority groups, middle income families and the business elite.

The Syrian President has previously promised many reforms of the constitution, the Media and the electoral system. His government has just announced it will appoint a special committee to draw up a new constitution in the next days.

This is the fourth rally in support of the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad. Most of the people we spoke with here in Damascus say it an indication of the reservoir of support he can still draw on among the public.

(www.presstv.ir / 13.10.2011)

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