Jewish extremists destroy tombstones and burn a tree in cemetery

Al-Aqsa Foundation and Heritage” in a statement today, Thursday, 13/10/2011, unknown m is likely to be from Jewish extremists have burned two days ago a big tree in addition to the break about fifteen graves in the cemetery in Jerusalem, the organization has revealed about it during a tour field inspection of the cemetery attended by a delegation that included each of the Haj Sami Rizkallah Abu brain – Vice President of the “Al-Aqsa Foundation” – and Engineer Amir Khatib – Director of “Al-Aqsa Foundation” – and Mr. Fawaz Hassan – observer of the “Al-Aqsa Foundation” in Jerusalem and the Aqsa -.

She said, “Aqsa Foundation”: “that during an inspection tour of the cemetery by the Delegation of the institution yesterday revealed that the Cypress large located in the Western South of the remaining cemetery of God – not far from the part that is planning the establishment of the so-called” Museum of Tolerance ” – have been burned significantly, and effects remaining at the site and odors likely that the process of burning was on Wednesday night, as likely that it has this crime are Jewish extremists, especially as the remnants of the Hebrew newspaper burned with pictures of the “religious” Jews found when scorched tree, and it seems to have been used during the tree lighting the fire, also appear to have been put out the fire firefighter by a car, because there are signs of that. ”

In the same context has revealed delegation of the “Aqsa Foundation” was also destroyed about fifteen witnesses or parts of the graves in different parts of the cemetery, and asserted that it is clear that this destruction of evidence of a new addition to dozens of other graves that have been broken before, and it was detected in Russian writing slogans on some of the graves, did not know its meaning.

In turn, denounced the Haj Sami Rizkallah – a one Metwally stop the cemetery of God – these crimes and said: “This attack is ugly on the sanctity of cemetery of God, which is regrettably not the first, and it seems he is not the last, because the Israeli establishment really does not prosecute those who commit such these crimes, and therefore, the Israeli establishment is the official with responsibility for these crimes, the successive and repeated against the holy sites and endowments, and we have come today to the presence of fever is contagious and dangerous by the authorities Israeli attacks on our mosques and Mkabrna, and has reached enough is enough. ”

In turn, informed the “Aqsa Foundation” Engineer Mustafa Abu Zahra – one Metwally stop the cemetery is the Chairman of the Committee of Muslim graves in Jerusalem – for this crime, was condemned Alhaji Abu Zahra strongly to this crime, and said: “It is time to stop series of attacks that the cemetery God and the other tombs and mosques.”


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