Wake up Great Egyptian Nation

I write this Note for the great youth and the rest of the egyptian people who started the wonderfull Revolution.

before I write further i must admit that the situation in Egypt is very confuse, and this i say as an egyptian origin, because we dont know who is our enemy and who is our friend, sure is one that the military council dont rule egypt for the egyptian and that Tantawi should be beside Mubaraks sons, its a simple logic thinking anybody who got to a higher position in Mubaraks Time can only be a part of the system and a Triator, and his faith is for USA. The only positive in this situation is that it shows us that they dont control us yet and our Revolution is not yet lost

After the Attack of the Army on unarmed Civilians on the 10th Oktober, and after a lot of search for the Truth, I accuse the Military Council special Tantawi for Murder and Betrayal.

Before i continue i want to write the confirmed information which I got from Egypt

The protest had the permition from 17:00 till 20:00, but about 18:00 the Army started to Kill/murder the protesters, and not as said in the most of the west News that the clashes have been between the Kopt and Muslim, no, they were together in the protests and the military council used this situation to get the unrest in Egypt, and this gives us the reason why they dont want Al-Jazeera in Egypt, because the Egyptian TV is the Military Council propaganda, its a lie that 2 from the army have been killed, and that the kopt are armed, Al-Awa who is a candidate for the presidency Statement: “I was by the Protests and it was total peacefully till the thugs came and hit the protestors, then the accident with the Tank” (a Tank rolled over Civilians), Nawara Negm who is a known Aktivist confirmed the same ,

and the best is after over 25 dead and over 200 wounded the information Minister declares “we are not sure that who attacked the Army were the Kopt”.

The best result of this unrest is Clintons declaration to CNN that US offered the Military Council to send special forces to protect the church´s.

Slowly we are getting the puzzle complet, the Military council is working the out the Mubarak system perfect to get the unrest and have a reason to delay the election, till they get the OKI from the west.

Lets save Egypt and force the Traitor Tantawi and his gang to go, before we must wait again 30 years

Christ and Muslim are and will always be united we are all egyptian

I hope everybody would spread this ,


(Raef El-Ghamri /12.10.2011)

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