Be a Muslim and show it …

We all are Muslims and human beings. If we want to change the world in a better one,  we have to show the whole world that we are indeed Muslims and human beings.

How we can do that? Respect your parents, your wife or husband, your children, your family, but also your neighbors and all the people who live in your street, place or country.

The Holy Qur’an  has told us to respect the people of the Book, meaning not alone Muslims, but also Christians and Jews.  Important for us Muslims too is to respect our
brothers and sisters in Islam; don’t being discussing all day who is the best, who is better or which direction in Islam is better than the other. It don’t care if you are from Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Chine or other country, Muslims are Muslims and we do not have the power or knowledge to say if one Muslim is better than the other or one human being is better than the other. That is only for our Creator at the end of our life.

Don’t give difference  a chance, don’t say you are Shi’a, Sunni  or Salafi; it is not important, we are all Muslims, so act as Muslim: be good for the other, respect the other, don’t chase for money, but be happy with what you have and it could only be better.

Money or materials give you joy for a moment but love and respect will give you joy

A contest for the best Muslim is something a Muslim would not be doing, because we don’t have the power or the knowledge to say who is better. So don’t be in such a
contest. Indeed show the world you are a Muslim and human being, respecting the

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