Palestinians stepping up anti-Israel boycott

Fatah official says Palestinians planning to boycott all Israeli products, not just settlement goods as well as working to promote academic boycott, holding non-violent popular protests A Fatah official and advisor to the Palestinian president announced Monday that the Palestinians are stepping up their non-violent campaign against Israel.

Sabri Saydam said that the Palestinians will embark on a campaign via social
networks which aims to boycott all Israeli products, not just goods manufactured
beyond the Green Line.

But the campaign will go even further than that, Saydam said. “We will increase pressure on Israeli academic institutions by demanding that universities worldwide, and especially in countries that support us, to sever academic ties with Israeli institutions,” he said.

Palestinians burn settlement goods (Archive photo: AP)
Palestinians burn settlement goods

The Fatah official added that the Palestinians will also organize popular protests “more civilized than the ones in the Arab world” stressing that all actions will not be violent. The activity will be focused inside Palestinian towns, to gain the support of foreign activists, and avoid friction with Israeli forces.

“The non-violent popular struggle will manifest itself in various forms which will illustrate the Palestinian people’s suffering without giving Israel excuses to export its internal crisis,” Saydam said.

The Palestinians are hoping to boost coordination between various worldwide
campaigns. The campaigns may also serve to pressure the UN Security Council into
endorsing the Palestinian bid for statehood, he said.

However, Saydam stressed that while the new campaign calls for the severing of commercial ties with Israel, there is no threat to the security cooperation between Jerusalem and Ramallah.

“The campaign is not about security or security cooperation with Israel, but about obtaining security for our people,” Saydam said

( / 08.10.2011)


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