Israeli army replicates war call-up

The Israeli military has simulated a war call-up for an offensive drill in order to test its readiness for possible conflicts, a report says.

According to Israeli military officials, the army alerted two reserve divisions as part of an emergency drill on army bases in the central and northern regions of the occupied Palestinian territories.

The exercise is aimed at testing Israeli forces’ level of response and readiness for war, Ynetnews reported Thursday.

As part of the exercise, infantry and armored forces opened equipment depots and took out tanks and armored vehicles.

The drill is set to launch upon a phone call by Israeli officials ordering the reserve soldiers to report to their units immediately.

According to the report, the Israeli army launched the offensive exercise against the backdrop of recent uprisings in the Middle East.

“The timing is more than a coincidence and is part of the army’s preparation for the upcoming days in light of changes in the region,” Head of the Operations Division’s Inspection Department, Col. Shlomi Fayer said.

( / 08.10.2011)

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