Gaza unemployment levels ‘among worst in world’

Gaza’s unemployment rate was among the world’s highest, at 45.2% in late 2010, the UN has found, as Israel’s blockade of the territory enters its fifth year.

Real wages meanwhile fell by more than a third, the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) said.

Its report says that private businesses have been hardest hit by the continuing ban on virtually all exports.

Israel tightened sanctions on Gaza in 2006 after militants captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

The blockade was tightened again a year later when Hamas ousted rival Palestinian organisation Fatah from the territory.

‘Boost to Hamas’

UNRWA spokesman Chris Gunness said of the report in a statement: “These are
disturbing trends and the refugees, who make up two-thirds of Gaza’s 1.5 million
population, were the worst hit.”

The unemployment figure, for the second half of 2010, was a slight improvement on the 45.7% jobless rate during the same period in 2009.

But it was an increase from the first half of 2010, when a temporary building boom boosted jobs.

The UN report says while private businesses have suffered most, the Hamas-run
public sector is one of the few areas where there has been economic growth, with
the government employing tens of thousands of people.

Mr Gunness said the research had found that since 2007, Hamas had been able
to increase public employment by at least one fifth.

“If the aim of the blockade policy was to weaken the Hamas administration,
the public employment numbers suggest this has failed,” he added.

‘Accept Israel’

Israel says the measures against Gaza are necessary to stop weapons smuggling
and to put pressure on Hamas, but the UN insists the restrictions amount to
collective punishment of Gaza’s population.

The Israeli foreign ministry spokesman, Yigal Palmor, says Israel is not against Hamas improving Gaza’s economy or running the territory, but wants them to recognise Israel.

“Start Quote

Hamas insists on remaining committed only to an all-out war, and that is the systemic explanation of what is happening in Gaza”

End Quote Yigal Palmor Israeli foreign ministry spokesman

“We are totally in favour of Hamas accepting the international community’s pre-conditions to become an interlocutor,” he told the BBC World Service’s World Today programme.

“If they only accepted that – surely that’s not too much to ask, to recognise Israel, and to agree to negotiate with Israel – then Hamas would be accepted by Israel too as an interlocutor. And that would certainly immediately alleviate the plight of Gaza.

“But Hamas insists on remaining committed only to an all-out war, and that is the systemic explanation of what is happening in Gaza.”

The restrictions was eased by Israel last year in response to international pressure, after nine Turkish activists were killed in clashes with Israeli troops who boarded their aid flotilla which was trying to break the blockade.

Restrictions at Gaza’s border with Egypt have been eased since the ousting of
Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak this year.

A change of policy by Cairo has seen the southern border crossing at Rafah
opened daily for civilian traffic, but not for trade.

Although Hamas won Palestinian legislative elections in January 2006, it
refuses to recognise Israel or to renounce violence and is designated in the
West as a terror organisation.

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The Hope for a Two Nation Theory Versus the Dream of a Single Palestine Nation Without Israel

The Palestine statehood bid portrays the picture of an ill treated Palestine  seeking justice to the world. Here are the facts to note. Palestine has  consistently refused to build its state in the past; they refused the offer in  1937 from the British government, which then ruled Palestine, to divide the land  into Jewish and Arab states. Arab leaders refused again in 1947, choosing to go  to war rather than accepting the UN’s decision to partition Palestine between  Jewish and Arab populations. In 1967, Israel offered to relinquish the land it  had acquired in exchange for peace with its neighbors. The Arab world issued a  response at a summit in Khartoum, “No peace with Israel, no negotiations with  Israel, no recognition of Israel.” In 2000, under the mideast quartet proposal,  Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered the Palestinians a sovereign state  with shared control of Jerusalem and billions of dollars in compensation for  Palestinian refugees. Yasser Arafat refused the offer, and returned to launch  the deadly terror war known as the Second Intifada.

After all the persistent refusals, Abbas beseech in pain to the world to end  the so-called historical injustice with a demand for full membership of the  state of Palestine in the UN and declared the legitimate right of Palestine to  attain its liberty and independence.

Consider the following points: statehood and settlement is not the issue for  Palestine leadership. Had it been so, Palestine leadership would have accepted  the statehood offer and built a state. If Abbas really wanted a state of  Palestine to live in peace alongside Israel, he could have given his commitment  at New York to end the conflict and extended an assurance to take action to stop  hatred and murders of Jewish people. This would have ensured the first step to  building peace and tying the knot for a bilateral agreement instead of running  to the UN.

Rejection of statehood offer clearly indicates that Palestine is not looking  for peace. The existence of Israel is the problem which is believed to be  resolved by way of internationalizing the conflict with Israel. The goal of  Palestine is a single nation to be achieved through elimination of Israel from  the map of Middle East. Palestine leadership found the viable route through a UN  bid and in attaining UN membership to use the platform and network for  challenging Israel present holdings and minimizing its territories; while at the  same time planning for an integrated action to annihilate Israel through the  Arab network. Iran’s nuclear program is part of the Israel annihilation plan.  The poster/website and Facebook campaigns are deployed to garner global sympathy  under the lies.

The horrendous remarks conferred upon Jews are enough to cause World War III.  Israel is called shamelessly an imperialist and colonialist in its homeland  conflict. Israel and Palestine do not have a relationship of a ruler and ruled  or oppressor and oppressed to disdainfully describe Israel as a fascist. The  Jews across the globe represent various racial ethnicity in different shades  that cannot justify the racist and apartheid abuses hurled at Israel. The mind  boggling allegation as children murderer in poster campaigns on internet and  face book with no evidence spits on their faces. They are ridiculed as people  with mythical origin ‘Chosen by God’. Chinese are the centre of the universe,  Muslims receive heavenly reward by demolition of non Muslims on earth, Hindu  caste system ordained an eternal status to a man through all generations and  white men racial superiority lynched the world. These absurdities of mankind are  not jeered at while it deeply hurt the world on Jewish notion of being ‘Chosen  by God’ and for being deeply attached to their ancient homeland.

Jews are treated as criminals and sinners in their self defence and accused  as trespassers in their settlement in own homeland against Arab settlers who  came as vagabonds from Egypt and Jordon in that empty land after Jews diaspora  in the aftermath of Roman invasion. The Arabs did not create any state in that  ancient Jewish homeland within this space of time. The return to their homeland  under a special humanitarian package of global sympathy is questioned by the  perverts after 65 years of its statehood and some obnoxious academicians even  dared to question the origin of a 5000 year old culture to ridicule its history  as mere myths discrediting the value of ancient scripts as literary sources for  construction of history and snobbishly  disregarding the archeological monuments  and remains of their ancestry. Life is about accommodating needs as also  empathizing suffering and it is called inclusive approach in modern day public  affairs management. The scores of unkind Arab nations on rich oil lands do not  believe in such principled approach of being inclusive and humane to make life  worthwhile and instead they waste themselves to network for a plan to oust  Israel forever.

In this notorious mission of elimination game, the pseudo intellectuals and  perverts of the world helped further to build vague theories to question Israel  history, culture and heritage in order to oppose Zionism, which their dimmed  eyes see as a cause of the problem when this is an effect of the problem of  Israel insecurity, which will disappear when the cause of the problem is  removed. By hitting the symptoms, they fuel more radical actions that fueled  more hatred towards Jews and it is not helping to solve the problem. The  propaganda against Israel as a terrorist state in their self defence is a mean  description that does not justify practical situation in life. If one’s own  existence is under threat, would anybody sit quietly? No. Agreed that Israel  retaliated to these challenges vehemently that prompted the so called  humanitarians and sympathizers to questioned on Palestinians’ civil liberties  and rights without recognizing the same occurrences in all terror situations.  The dilemma of countering terrorism and becoming a terror to the innocents is  not exclusive to one single case; it has become a global problem. Palestine  infringement on Israel civil liberties and rights are justified, but the reverse  is unjustified.

The popular poster released on websites and Facebook depicting a young kid  holding the banner ”Stop Killing Palestinian Children” in a poster campaign  blatantly alleged Israel as murderer of children without evidence. It is not to  justify killing but to see killing in the perspective of conflict situations all  over the world, global cases need to be referred to in order to validate the act  of self defence to a threat. Israel – Palestine situation is not like the  massacre of innocent civilians of middle-east dictatorship. Anti Jews campaigns  blamed the Zionist for a radical turn of events without understanding the chain  between radical action leading to another radical action and overlooking the  role of PLA that started terrorism after repeated refusal of the offer of  Palestine statehood.

In this half a century conflict. where Jewish and Palestine have been at war  openly and declared as enemies, does anybody think that killing will not occur  in such a conflict situation?. In all conflict situations, killing is the  strategy and killing will take place. In order to stop the killing,  reconciliation is proposed. The process has not been successful in  Israel-Palestine because Palestine leadership is not interested in a two nation  theory and he does not want peace. The Palestine leadership wants a single state  for Palestine through elimination of Jews.

The penetrating eye should be able to see Palestine statehood bid at the UN  and seeking UN membership today as a strategy for attaining the objective of a  single Arabic state through a methodology of annihilation of Israel and  territorial acquisition. Prejudiced campaigns alleged Israel as terrorist and a  killer while endorsing the real terrorism and supporting unsparingly their  global marketing advertisement spree to gain world sympathy for a help to attain  its birthright; yes a liberty for an ideology to operate without inhibition to  eliminate Israel from the map of the world and to eliminate the useless  supporters in due course.

Do you have hope for peace? Then stand together to urge for a bilateral  framework based on mutual respect, cooperation and coexistence for Israel and  Palestine with special commitment from Abbas to declare recognition of Israel  statehood alongside Palestine statehood.

Ms Margaret Gangte served in Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of  Finance from 1996-2006. The formulation and implementation of ‘Citizen’s  Charter’ for Public Sector Banks in 1997-98 was a landmark contribution in her  career. She received ‘Letter of Appreciation’ in 1998 from the Cabinet  Secretariat in 1998 for improving grievance redress mechanism in Public Sector  Banks. Her contribution towards improving project performance under Japanese  funding in India during 2000-2001 was recorded by the Government of Japan as the  highest disbursed Japanese ODA in South East Asia for that year and the highest  disbursed Japanese ODA for India. Her long years of experience in  bilateral/multilateral project and policy under funding from Japan, Australia  and World Bank provided a background of understanding project management and  public policy. She was one of the key contributors in restructuring Development  Financial Institutions in India during 2004-2005. The revived financial  institutions became robust and formed the backbone of India’s economic growth  today.

Ms. Margaret Gangte is an author of Journal articles.

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PA: FIDIC approves Palestine membership

RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — The International Federation of Consulting Engineers on Wednesday accepted Palestine as a full member, an official told the Palestinian Authority news agency in Ramallah.

The FIDIC executive board “decided in the meeting held today in Davos, Switzerland to accept Palestine’s membership,” said Marwan Abdelhamid, advisor to president for development and reconstruction.

Palestine is the third Arab country to join FIDIC, after Jordan and Lebanon, he said.

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Egypt to Mobilize Support for Palestine’s Membership in UNESCO

CAIRO, October 6, 2011 (WAFA) – Egyptian Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Moataz Khurshid promised on Thursday to work by all means to mobilize support to guarantee Palestine’s full membership in UNESCO.

In a press release, Moataz Khurshid assured that Egypt, as a president of the Arab group in UNESCO, made a great effort in cooperation with Latin American countries, Asia and Africa to vote Palestine as a state member in UNESCO.

He added, “At the moment, a great deal of coordination with UNESCO state representatives and groups to confirm this decision by voting at the meeting of UNESCO’s general conference, coming November 3.”

He added “Forty of the 58 countries voted in favor of the recommendation, 14 countries (EU representatives) abstained and four — the United States, Germany, Romania and
Latvia — voted against.”

He considered that this achievement comes in the framework of the Egyptian government’s efforts to support the Palestinian cause, and to confirm the existence of Palestine as a recognized state in UNESCO.

To be noted that forty of the 58 countries on UNESCO’s executive board voted in favor of the recommendation Wednesday, which was proposed by the Arab group at UN organization to grant Palestine full membership in UNESCO.

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UN resolutions with regards to Palestine and Israel.

UN resolutions with regards to Palestine and Israel

Palestinian Refugees have the right to return to their homes in Israel.

General Assembly Resolution 194, Dec. 11, 1948

“Resolves that the refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbors should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date, and that compensation should be paid for the property of those choosing not to return and for loss of or damage to property which, under principles of international law or in equity, should be made good by the Governments or authorities responsible.”

The right to return to your home and land is a sacred right,,supported by all the religions, human rights and all the international laws…


Did you know that the right of self-determination is guaranteed to every human being under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights [December, 1948], yet Palestinians were/are expected to negotiate for this right under the Oslo Accords?

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Settlers Uproot 200 Olive Trees Near Nablus

A group of extremist Israeli settlers uprooted on Thursday morning, at least 200 olive trees that belong to residents of Qasra village, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

Shortly after midnight, a group of Israeli settlers invaded the village and vanadalized the orchard, eyewitnesses reported.

Ghassan Douglas, in charge of the settlements file at the Palestinian Authority in the northern part of the West Bank, reported that the orchard in question is located south of the village.

100 of the uprooted trees belong to resident Fathallah Abu Reeda, 45 belong to Ghassan Hassan, 25 belong to Rizqallah Abu Reeda, and 22 trees that belong to resident Tawfeeq Abu Hasan.

Douglas demanded the international community to intervene and put an end to the serious and dangerous escalation carried out by fundamentalist armed Israeli setters as part of their “Price Tag” campaign.

The Price Tag campaign does not only aim at attacking the Palestinians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, but also extends against Arab areas in the 1948 territories (Israel).

The attack is the latest among a serious of attacks targeting farmlands, mosques and homes in the occupied territories.

Last Sunday night, extremists burnt a mosque at the entrance of Toba Zanghriyya village in the Galilee, and wrote “Price Tag” and “Revenge” on its walls, the Arabs48 news website reported.

On September 5th, a group of extremist Israeli settlers broke into a mosque in Qasra village, near the northern West Bank city of Nablus, and torched it after destroying its property and writing anti-Arab slogans on its walls.

Earlier in June this year, settlers of the Alei Ayin illegal outpost torched a mosque in Al-Mughayyir village, near the central West Bank city of Ramallah, after burning tires and throwing them in the mosque causing serious damages.

Last year, the settlers burnt several copies of the Quran while desecrating two mosques near Bethlehem and Nablus.

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AP IMPACT: NYPD spied on city’s Muslim partners

NEW YORK (AP) — The New York Police Department’s intelligence squad secretly assigned an undercover officer to monitor a prominent Muslim leader even as he decried terrorism, cooperated with the police, dined with Mayor Michael Bloomberg and was the subject of a Pulitzer Prize-winning series by The New York Times about Muslims in America.

Sheikh Reda Shata was among those singled out for surveillance because of his “threat potential” and what the NYPD considered links to organizations associated with terrorism, despite having never been charged with any crime, according to secret police documents obtained by The Associated Press.

This was life in America for Shata: a government partner in the fight against terrorism and a suspect at the same time.

During his time at the Islamic Center of Bay Ridge since 2002, he welcomed FBI agents to his mosque to speak to Muslims, invited NYPD officers for breakfast and threw parties for officers who were leaving the precinct. As police secretly watched Shata in 2006, he had breakfast and dinner with Bloomberg at Gracie Mansion and was invited to meet with Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, Shata recalls.

“This is very sad,” Shata said after seeing his name in the NYPD file. “What is your feeling if you see this about people you trusted?”

The dichotomy between simultaneously being partner and suspect is common among some of New York’s Muslims. Some of the same mosques that city leaders visited to hail their strong alliances with the Muslim community have also been placed under NYPD surveillance — in some cases infiltrated by undercover police officers and confidential informants.

In April, more than 100 area imams publicly supported a rally to “oppose wars, condemn terrorism and fight Islamophobia.” Of those, more than 30 were either identified by name or work in mosques included in the NYPD’s listing of suspicious people and places in 2006.

“The way things are playing out in New York does not paint a picture of partnership and of a conversation among equals,” said Ramzi Kassem, a professor at the City University of New York School of Law. “It seems that city officials prefer hosting Ramadan banquets to engaging with citizens who wish to hold them to account. Spying on almost every aspect of community life certainly does not signal a desire to engage constructively.”

The New York Times story about Shata, which won the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for feature writing, described his efforts to reconcile Muslim traditions with American life. Police documents from the same year the story was published paint a different picture. Shata, who emigrated from Egypt to the U.S. in 2002, is described by police as a “Tier One” person of interest. According to the police files, a person of interest is “an individual with threat potential based on their position at a particular location, links to an organization, overseas links and/or criminal history.”

Police assigned an undercover officer and an informant to watch Shata personally, and two others were assigned to watch his mosque, according to the NYPD files. Mark Mershon, the FBI’s senior agent in New York in 2006, said he has no recollection of Shata ever being under FBI investigation. A search of commonly used court and public record files show no evidence of any criminal record for Shata.

“What did they find?” Shata asked through an interpreter at his current mosque in Monmouth County, N.J. “It’s a waste of time and a waste of money.”

On Wednesday, seven New York Democratic state senators called for the state attorney general to investigate the NYPD’s spying on Muslim neighborhoods.

NYPD spokesman Paul Browne did not return messages over two days. Bloomberg’s office, which has repeatedly referred questions to NYPD, also did not respond.

In May, Bloomberg and Kelly organized a news conference to discuss two suspected terrorists. Appearing with the officials was Mohammad Shamsi Ali, an imam regularly at the mayor’s side for public appearances that touch on Muslim issues. Shamsi Ali said he and the mayor have maintained good communication over the years. In July, he was invited to a pre-Ramadan conference hosted by the NYPD, and for the past three years he said he has been invited to speak at the police academy about Islam and Muslims.

Yet in 2006 the NYPD infiltrated two mosques where Shamsi Ali holds leadership roles — the Islamic Cultural Center of New York and the Jamaica Muslim Center. The NYPD cited radical rhetoric and possible money laundering in the Islamic Cultural Center of New York and said the Jamaica Muslim Center was a hub of radicalization that offered martial arts training. Shamsi Ali said he was unaware of the police assessments and denied the underlying accusations.

“How do you define rhetoric?” Shamsi Ali asked. He said some imams sound harsh when they’re preaching. He said if the NYPD suspected money laundering, it should ask the Internal Revenue Service to audit the mosque.

“It’s wrong to view Muslims as radicals simply because of the outfit,” Shamsi Ali said.

Last year, after a Pakistani-American man was accused of attempting to detonate a car bomb in Times Square, Kelly, the police commissioner, visited the Al-Iman mosque in Astoria, Queens, where he praised a Muslim street vendor for reporting the suspicious vehicle to local police. Kelly assured members of the mosque that racial profiling is prohibited by the police, though he acknowledged in response to a question that officers will conduct random checks of people who fit a particular description.

Yet in 2006, the NYPD recorded in its files that members of the same mosque also belonged to extremist organizations that harbored anti-American sentiments and terrorist sympathies. That mosque was placed under surveillance by an undercover NYPD officer and a confidential informant, according to the police files.

In October 2006, the president of the Brooklyn borough attended an event on the final day of Ramadan at Brooklyn’s Makki Masjid. The borough president, Marty Markowitz, described his Muslim neighbors as “like every other group in our fabric — successful, community-minded contributors who improve our quality of life.” Meanwhile, the NYPD recorded in its files that Makki Masjid was a “Tier One” mosque because of its members’ radical Islamic views.

Two Queens mosques that the NYPD was monitoring in 2006 — one because it was suspected of funding the Taliban and another that the department described as the national headquarters of an extremist organization — are listed as “destination options” in a 2009 official city planning brochure for a bike tour of Queens intended to promote the community’s diversity.

Shamsi Ali said he was not surprised to learn that police were secretly listening inside his mosques.

“Everywhere that I go, I feel someone must be listening to me,” Shamsi Ali said. “As long as I do things according to law, I don’t have to worry at all.”

Shata, the Bay Ridge imam featured in the Times story, said he still considers Bloomberg his friend, but he was hurt by what he saw in the police files.

“You were loving people very much, and then all of a sudden you get shocked,” Shata said. “It’s a bitter feeling.”

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Israel slams UNESCO vote on Palestinian membership

JERUSALEM (Reuters) — Israel denounced on Thursday a UNESCO board decision to allow a vote on Palestinian membership, as the agency’s representative to the Palestinian territories said the move will allow Palestinians to protect their heritage sites.

Paul Hirschson, spokesperson for the Israeli Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem, said that the Wednesday decision to allow 193 member states to vote on the admission of Palestine, was doing Palestinians “no favors.”

The spokesman told reporters that nations behind the vote “are encouraging the Palestinians to avoid negotiations,” a tack he said would not be successful.

“The internationalization, the injecting of the conflict into the corporate boardroom and into world courts around the world is merely an extension of the conflict in a different format, one which is not going to get the Palestinians anywhere,” he added.

As Palestinians moved a step closer to full membership of the UN cultural agency, UNESCO representative in the Palestinian Territories, Ismail Tilawi, told Reuters that admission will allow Palestinians to protect their heritage sites from Israeli takeover.

“Israel was trying many times to register Palestinian historical and heritage sites as Israeli sites. So when we become a full member of UNESCO Israel will be prevented from registering our sites as Israeli sites,” Tilawi told Reuters in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

The latest move in a Palestinian quest for statehood recognition drew a swift rebuke from US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The US, along with Israel, say Palestinians cannot establish a state without entering negotiations with Israel, which Palestinian leaders say is currently impossible as Israel continues to expand Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

UNESCO’s vote raised questions about whether Washington might be required by US law to cut off funding for the agency if it were to accept the Palestinians as a member. The United States pays 22 percent of UNESCO’s dues, the State Department said.

In September, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas applied to the Security Council for full membership of the United Nations, ignoring a US warning that it would veto the move, as well as threats from members of the US Congress to restrict American aid to the Palestinians.

At UNESCO, the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, 40 representatives of the 58-member board voted in favor of putting the matter to a vote, with four — the United States, Germany, Romania and Latvia — voting against and 14 abstaining.

This set the scene for a membership vote at UNESCO’s General Conference, a meeting that runs from Oct. 25 to Nov. 10 and involves all 193 members of the agency, based in Paris.

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Protest tegen boerka-verbod in Den Haag

Het is niemand ontgaan dat deze rechts-extremistische regering gekaapt wordt door de zionist en tevens fascist Geert Wilders. Als gevolg van het gedoogakkoord hebben de VVD en CDA de wil van Wilders uitgevoerd. Daarnaast heeft dit verbod veel aanhang gekregen in de Tweede Kamer. Er zijn nog wat officiële ceremonieën die het verbod moet ondergaan om uiteindelijk in werking te treden, voordat het straat wordt gehandhaafd. Men streeft naar 1 januari 2013.

Wij,  moslims in Nederland, hebben grote bezwaren tegen dit boerka-verbod. Wij beschouwen dit verbod dan ook als aanval op de islam. De politieke elite heeft de rol van schoothond van Amerika op zich genomen. Sindsdien merken wij, moslims in Nederland, de strijd die Wilders en zijn regering openlijk voeren tegen de islam en moslims. Nadat wij in de Tweede Kamer zijn beledigd, uitgescholden, uitgesloten, gediscrimineerd en wij belachelijk zijn gemaakt, merken wij dat dit seculier bestel zich wil mengen met onze beleving van de islam.

Zo was de niqaab, sociaal-maatschappelijk gezien, al verboden op openbare plaatsen, is het halal slachten onmogelijk geworden, onderzoekt men een verbod op besnijdenis en met als klap op de vuurpijl helpt Nederland met het doden van moslims, in de door Amerika geïnitieerde militaire interventie. In Frankrijk mag men niet op straat het gebed verrichten en is de niqaab een misdaad! In België mag je op sommige scholen geen hidjaab dragen en de niqaab is ook daar strafbaar gesteld.

Wij, als moslims in Nederland, zijn de hetze en haat tegen de islam en moslims spuugzat. Meer dan spuugzat zelfs! Wij eisen het recht dat Allaah ons gegeven heeft. Een wetsvoorstel als deze verwerpen wij en wij dragen de niqaab als wij dat wensen. Hoe kan het zo zijn dat jullie de kinderen van Nederland richting Afghanistan, Irak en dergelijke landen sturen om hen te ‘bevrijden’ terwijl dat jullie hier de vrouwen onderdrukken door hen te dwingen om zich ‘bloot te geven’?

Vanuit dit onrecht organiseert de islamitische actiegroep Behind-Bars een protest tegen de strijd tegen de islam en de moslims.  Op 7 oktober 2011 zal er voor de Tweede Kamer (Plein) een protest worden gehouden dat zal beginnen om 16.00 uur en eindigen om 18.30 uur. Meer gedetailleerde informatie zal volgen, hou onze website, Facebook, twitter en youtube-kanaal in de gaten!

Deel dit bericht met zoveel mogelijk van uw contacten. Doe het per mail, msn, yahou, groups, Facebook, Twitter, fora, sms, youtube en andere media!


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NATO bombs hit hospital in Libya’s Sirte

A French Air Force Mirage 2000 jet fighter takes off for a mission to Libya from the Solenzara 126 Air Base on Corsica Island in the Mediterranean Sea on March 24, 2011. (File photo)
NATO has carried out a new round of airstrikes against Libya, targeting a hospital in the northern town of Sirte, Press TV reports.

NATO warplanes bombed the medical center in Sirte, located 400 kilometers (250 miles) east of the capital Tripoli, on Thursday. The number of possible casualties remains unknown.

The strike comes as the houses of tribesmen loyal to the fugitive Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi have been looted in the south of the city.

Meanwhile, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on Thursday set out conditions for the termination of the NATO campaign in Libya.

Speaking at a meeting of NATO defense chiefs in Brussels, Belgium, Panetta said that a decision to cease the bombing of Libya will depend on whether forces loyal to Gaddafi are still able to attack civilians, and whether the Libya’s National Transitional Council (NTC) forces are able to provide security for the North African country.

NATO has carried out more than 9,300 airstrikes on Libya since its campaign started in March, according to the Associated Press.

Hundreds of Libyan civilians have lost their lives since NATO took command of the airstrikes on March 31.

NATO aerial attacks have also severely damaged Libya’s infrastructure.

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