Egypt, will the Revolution fail?

Egypt Mother of the Universe as it is called

Egypt the base of all culture, yes but what does this help, for what was the death of over 800 egyptian, if our Revolution is failing, and we will never forgive ourselfs later when it is lost, because the only thing we reach is to get off Mubarak, but was this our aim.

the problem is by the people of  Egypt is that they lost the Unity, this one thing that was holding them together, this one thing what made egyptian strong.

in my opinion the biggest fault we can do is to trust the Military Council, better said we can not trust any person from the Mubarak Time, I know it is very hard as Mubarak has established his system very good as a cancer its every where.

There is only one Fact that if Egypt will stop now then the Revolution is lost,egypt has a lot of young great people who have their Believe and its good, but who thinks that the West USA&Co even the Military Council care about Human Rights or Justice then he is wrong. even in the USA is enough human rights violation that we can not imagine. even Germany is a police state.

So would you think if they dont care in their own countries they would care for rights and Justice in any Arab country?

Criminality has became in Egypt a normal situation, and so it is wanted because only in Chaos they can control us as they want.

If we will accept this that the whole imperialist world gets in any country then we have not lost only the Revolution but also our dignity, and then we will be their slaves and give them our resources.

One fault has been already done to accept the old constitution, this gave the military council and the mubarak system all possibilty to keep on palying with us.

my Appeal to all Egyptian please hold on together dont trust all and believe that the good dont come from the west. we have the proof now that in Germany they have implanted the hate against the Islam and the arab, even in the school books, the revolution still could succeed but only if we dont give up and fight against the evil

(Facebook / Raef El-Ghamri / 02.10.2011)  

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