The Zionist entity has confiscated hundreds of millions of dollars from Palestinian funds annually

West Bank (Islam Times) – The member of the Central Committee of the Fatah movement, Mohammed Ashtiyeh, considered that the Zionist Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz’s statements regarding the cessation of the occupying entity’s economic assistance to the National Authority as ‘pure lies’ and an attempt to shuffle the cards and mix the facts.

Islam Times: Islam Times correspondent in the West Bank reported that Ashtiyeh made statements in which he said: “These statements confirm that Steinitz does not know what’s going on in his ministry, nor does he know what his staff does.” He asserted that the Zionist entity has confiscated hundreds of millions of dollars from the funds of the Palestinian people annually and through different ways, mainly through tax leakage of goods circulating in the Palestinian territory, as well as stealing the money of our workforces inside the Green Line.

Ashtiyeh confirmed that what the Zionist government transfers to the National Authority are purely Palestinian funds that are collected from tax revenues from goods, and the Zionist entity takes 2% as a collection fee. He stressed that the National Authority will, within the final solution, demand compensation for all the losses of our people that have been inflicted due to the Zionist entity’s exploitation of the Palestinian Territory throughout the years of the occupation.

( / 28.09.2011)

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