Palestine State only with Negotiation !!!!!

should I laugh or Cry, laugh as most of the people arround the World know that this statement is a lie, cry as the whole world believe such a lie.

A State (Palestine) that has been stolen by the zionist and its people are getting oppressed without an end

Stones against Bombs guns, Children against Soldiers hope and peace against war and terror.

After 63 years occupation and Terror in the Arab world which started by israeli groups and goes on till today, after that about 64% of the UN members already said their support.

Obama announced in advance that there must be Negotiation between Palestine and israHELL, before the statehood, what nusty game is he palying.

how can any normal person in the world trust their words, after seeing their crimes

-.prison children under 14 years

-.Siege of Gaza

-.steeling land illegal

-.killing civil international Activists

-.US & Co. aggression in Libya

-.US & Co. occupation in Afghanistan Iraq and and

alot of more reasons i could count and write here, but what is would help if most of the world´s Goverment are the puppets of the USA, even I myself  had some moments of doubt if it has a sence  to write and fight against the evil, and only the promise i gave to myself once got me one result no we can not give up, no this satisfaction ican not give the zionist.

somebody must do it, must stand for the Justice and it will come the time that justice will be stronger even stronger then the USA and their zionist Masters.

I personaly will always support the Palestine nation to come to their rights, and its only their decision what and how to do, but what would we achive with this statehood by the UN??? since when was the UN for Justice and peace, what did they do in Iraq Libya ? simply nothing because they are nothing els but puppets.

One is sure that the countdown for israHELL started, and in any case the 100% loser is Obama and his Goverment if they make use of their Veto right or not.#

I don’t care about any government, not Abbas of Hamas, for me is the most important to end the siege of Gaza, that the people in the westbank can move free with out the check points, that the civil people have their dignity and humanity,and this the US must show the Palestinian not to order  Negotiation, because over 40 year we hear this lie.

(Facebook / Raef El-Ghamri / 25.09.2011)

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