To have rights or not to have

On Friday 23th of september President Abbas has brought the question for a sovereign state of Palestine to the UN. The question now is, will USA use her veto to protect his
bossy  friend  Israel?

Why doesn’t  the world accept that the Palestinian people has the right of a own free and sovereign state? Why does the world never listen to the people of Palestine? Where did it go wrong?

It went wrong when England did not do what she had to do:  give land to the Palestinians after the second world war. After that Israel could demolish occupied  land, buildings and houses,  murder Palestinians but most of all, declare her own sovereign state.

After listening the speech of President Abbas for the UN, i keep on fighting with my thoughts:  why didn’t  he do the same, declare the sovereign state of Palestine? President Abbas is nervous – i keep talking to myself – or careful .But what is important? Mr. Abbas is not important, the people of Palestine are important.

Keep working for the people of Palestine, Mr. President,  and fight for your people. Don’t make the mistake of dictators in Arab countries who has shot their own people.  Mr. President, the people of Palestine has the right to live in freedom, friendship and security and you are responsable for these points. Please do what you can, but don’t give away the life of your people. Don’t give away the country for words of Mr. Netanyahu; be careful by trusting  someone  very quick. Talks about freedom they did not do for years and when you ask for the state of Palestine, they want to talk
again …. Why is that?

Everybody has the right to live in freedom, friendship and  security and we have to work on that. The people in Europe has to fight for these rights on behave of the people of the whole  world, but that don’t mean introducing the western way of democracy. That is something of the people self, they know what to do.

The muslim community has to stand for their rights, also when they are in a non-muslim country, but the Palestinians have to stand twice as much for their rights in their own country. Strange or not?

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