Palestine 23.09.2011

#Poor little israel maybe the #US could give them some drones … ohhh wait! #FAIL

The generous offer in 2000 was to push Palestinians into non-contiguous Bantustans, control Palestinian resources & occupy East Jerusalem

LOL! Israel left Gaza hoping for peace?!!?!? bahahahahahhaa ohhhhh your F-16s don’t say that Nutanyahoo, you psychotic war criminal bastard.

at was the #Gaza disengagement?

Netanyahu  Who are you to give the “keys of Gaza” to #Abbas ? …and by what right?  #FAIL

Watching Netanyahu’s speech, I’m not sure is it real life, or am I watching a scene in a Hollywood movie “End of Times”! Soon in Cinemas!!

Ramallah: Not sure if parade of UN bid supporters will reach Qalandia , but it is a very loud procession. Loudest in years.

Whenever Netanyahu uses the word “peace” replace it with “Jewish supremacy in a land without Palestinians”

#Netanyahu – the truth is  YOU a LIAR!

Netanyahu talkng about supporting democratic nations in the Arab world after crying over the removal of Mubarak #Zionism #FuckIsrael

Blown away by Mahmoud Abbas’s speech  Every one deserves an equal opportunity in the world and so does #Palestine!

#Netanyahu #SICK !

Bibi talked about 1 soldier, Gilad Shalit, held in #Gaza, but doesn’t mention 1000s of Palestinians in Israeli dungeons without rights




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