Fatah official: PLO has votes to pass Security Council

Muhammad Shtayyeh, a Fatah official and former PLO negotiator, speaks at a briefing for journalists in the West Bank (MaanImages/George Hale, File)
UNITED NATIONS (Ma’an) — A resolution admitting Palestine as a member state of the United Nations has the support of a majority of the Security Council, a top Fatah official said Friday.

“We need the nine votes plus no veto. The nine votes are already there. We hope there will be no veto,” said Muhammad Shtayyeh, speaking after President Mahmoud Abbas’ address to the General Assembly.

Shtayyeh said the Palestinian leadership would only make a decision on whether to take the matter to the General Assembly after the Security Council has had a chance to consider the issue.

“You cannot go to two places at the same time,” he said.

“You have to settle the issue first. We are here. We have one single mandate to go to the Security Council, because the admission of Palestine does not come through the General Assembly.

“The only body that is authorized to give admission to any new state is the Security Council,” he added.

Shtayyeh declined to say how long Abbas would wait for the Security Council to come to a decision. “We’re not here to bluff. We’re not here to play games,” he said.

Abbas submitted Palestine’s application for UN membership to secretary-general Ban Ki-moon earlier Friday. The US has vowed to veto any Security Council resolution recognizing Palestine as a state.

(mideastnews-danmike.blogspot.com / 23.09.2011)

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