Obama: America’s ‘first Jewish president’?

After the president’s speech to the UN, our senior analyst wonders why US leaders continue to pander to a foreign power.

Obama is the “the first Jewish President”. That’s the title of New York magazine’s lead article, written by John Heilemann and quoting a major Obama fundraiser.

Listening to Obama speak at the United Nations on Wednesday many would nod in
agreement, not less in Palestine and the Arab world.

The US President has embraced the rejectionist Israeli position on the question of international recognition of an independent Palestinian state.

But that’s not a Jewish position. It’s a radical Zionist position. Many Jews, including US and Israeli Jews, do not embrace such extremist views.

But the fact that Obama surpassed his predecessor

The cover story makes this
conclusion by quoting one of Obama’s fundraisers [Credit: New York

George W Bush, the most radical supporter of Israel among all US Presidents,
has left everyone in Israel dumbstruck. The latest Zionist US president sounded
like Israel’s own founding fathers.

Never have they heard a US president read straight from the papers of the
Israeli government.

Propaganda passes for history

You would think after six decades of dispossession, four decades of occupation and two decades of peace processes that President Obama would recognise a political and moral discrepancy that needs fixing.

That he would underline, not undermine, his own words uttered in Cairo a year and a half ago about the need for Israel to stop its illegal settlements in Palestine.

That he would underline, not undermine his own projection- read promise- from the same podium last September of a Palestinian state within a year, meaning this week.

That he would underline, not undermine, his own rhetoric about freedom in the Arab region.

Or that he would underline, not undermine, his own opening emphasis about a peace based on withdrawal, not more of the same logic of war.

Alas, President Obama undermined his entire “change we can believe in” slogan.

His narrative is inspired by the worst of Israel’s official propaganda. Indeed, much of it is cut and pasted from their playbook.

He spoke of historical “facts” that have long been repudiated by Israeli historians, and of truths that are nothing more than one sided interpretations of a political situation.

Obama claimed that the Arabs launched wars against Israel. But, in actual fact, Israel is the aggressor, launching or instigating wars in: 1956, 1967, 1982, 2006 and 2008. Only the 1973 war was launched by Arabs, but only to recuperate occupied territories after the US and Israel rejected Anwar Sadat’s peace overtures.

He underlined the work of Israelis in forging a successful state in their “historic homeland”. But most of the world, and certainly the Arab world, saw Israel’s inception as a colonial project with theological pretexts.

Serbia also believes that Kosovo is the birth place of its nation; should they be allowed to forge a successful state of their own, an exclusively Serbian state in that territory?

Should each and every occupied people search from accommodation with their occupiers without interference from the international community? Is that how African and Middle Eastern nations gained their independence from European colonial powers?

Should a whole people go on living under occupation until their occupier is satisfied with the conditions for surrender?

It’s politics, stupid

Every other commentator in town would like to remind you not to expect much action from a US president on Israel during an election year.

As Heilemann illustrates in his article, Obama’s career was built on his relationships with generous Jewish contributors in Chicago.

Indeed, the guy who brought the most money to the Democratic Party over the last several decades became Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emmanuel. Today, he’s the mayor of Chicago.

But it’s not only about money. It’s also about crucial support in Congress over urgent domestic issues that could make or break the Obama presidency. And the Israeli lobby, AIPAC, can make the president’s life miserable over the course of the next year.

Now, I understand all of that. But what I don’t understand is why it is accepted as a fait accompli! As the nature of politics! Take it or leave!

If this is the case, then let’s at least call a spade a spade; and out the US administration(s) for being what so many seem to say it is: not Jewish or Zionist, rather hypocritical.

It speaks of justice but pursues unfair policies; speaks of repression, but promotes its own interests at any cost. It preaches freedom but supports occupation; speaks of human rights but insists on entrusting the wolf, and only the wolf, with the hen house.

The joke is on everyone

Why should the Palestinians be held victims to US politics while being held hostage to Israeli politics for the last six decades. Why should most Israelis continue to live in a garrison state incapable of normalising relations with their neighbors?

Why should Americans watch as their politicians are held hostage to a foreign power and its influential supporters?

The Pro Israeli Jewish lobby J Street commented on the alarming pandering to Israel not only among Democrats but also Republicans, saying: “There’s no limit, it seems, to how far American politicians will go these days in pandering on Israel for political gain.”

While there has been strategic logic for the US support for Israel in the past, Washington’s current pandering makes little sense.

Washington has long used its influence with Israel as strategic leverage to reign in Arab leaders.  Only Washington can restrain Israel in war and wring concessions in diplomacy, Arab leaders once reckoned.

But the dictators who either exploited Palestine to garner popular support at home, or bartered it in return for Western favours, belong to the past.

Today’s Arabs are bitter and angry at US-Israeli complicity in Palestine and they won’t be as easily bounded or bribed as their fallen dictatorships.

(english.aljazeera.net / 22.09.2011)

Islamic awakening is evident more than any other time: President

New York, Sept 22, IRNA – Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that today more than any other time the world  is witnessing vast awakening in Muslim countries throughout Asia, Europe and America.
            President Ahmadinejad made the remarks during  his speech at the United Nations
General Assembly annual meeting in New York.

“The justice- and freedom-seeking developments are increasing every day and Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to work for materialization of such efforts,” he added.

The full text of the speech of the Islamic Republic of Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the 66th UN General Assembly meeting in New York is as follows:

In the Name of God, the Compassionate

The Merciful

All praise be to Allah, the lord of the Universe, and peace and blessing be upon our Master and prophet, Mohammad (PBUH), and his pure household, his noble companions and on all divine messengers

“Oh, God, hasten the arrival of Imam al-Mahdi and grant him good health and victory, and make us his followers and all those who attest to his rightfulness.”

Mr. President,


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am grateful to the Almighty Allah who granted me, once more, the opportunity to appear before this world assembly. I have the pleasure to express my sincere thanks to H.E. Joseph Deiss, president of the sixty-fifth session for his tremendous efforts during his tenure. I also would like to congratulate H.E Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser on his election as the president of sixty-sixth session of the United Nations General Assembly annual meeting and wish him all success.

Let me seize the moment to pay tribute to all those who lost their lives in the past year, particularly to the victims of tragic famine in Somalia and the devastating flood in Pakistan. I urge everyone to increase their assistance and aid to the affected populations in these countries.

Over the past years, I spoke about different global issues, and the need to introduce fundamental changes in the current international order.

– Today, considering the international developments, I will try to analyze the present situation from a different angle.

– As you all know the dominance and superiority of human beings over other creatures, lie in the very nature and the truth of humankind which is a divine gift and a manifestation of the divine spirit embodying:

– Faith in God, who is the ever-lasting creator and planner of the entire universe;.

– Showing compassion to others, generosity, justice-seeking, and having integrity both in words and in deeds;

– The quest for dignity to reach the pinnacles of perfection, the aspiration to elevate one’s material and spiritual status, and the longing to realize liberty;

– Defying oppression, corruption, and discrimination in contrast to supporting the oppressed;

– Seeking happiness, and lasting prosperity and security for all;

– These are some of the manifestations of common divine and human attributes which can clearly be seen in the historical aspirations of human beings as reflected in the heritage of our search for art and literary works both in prose and poetry, and in the socio-cultural and political movements of human beings in the course of history;

– All divine prophets and social reformers invited human beings to tread on this righteous path;

– God has given dignity to humankind to elevate his status to assume his successor role on Earth;

Dear Colleagues and friends:

– It is vividly clear that despite all historical achievements, including creation of the United-Nations, that was a product of untiring struggles and efforts of free-minded and justice-seeking individuals as well as the international cooperation, human societies are yet far from fulfilling their noble desires and aspirations;

– Most nations of the world are unhappy with the current international circumstances;

– And despite the general longing and aspiration to promote peace, progress, and fraternity, wars, mass-murder, widespread poverty, and socioeconomic and political crises continue to infringe upon the rights and sovereignty of nations, leaving behind irreparable damage worldwide;

– Approximately, three billion people of the world live on less than 2.5 dollars a day, and over a billion people even live without having even one sufficient meal on a daily basis;

– Forty-percent of the poorest world populations only share five percent of the global income, while twenty percent of the richest people share seventy-five percent of the total global income.

– More than twenty thousand innocent and destitute children die every day in the world because of poverty.

– Eighty percent of financial resources in the United States are controlled by ten percent of its population, while only twenty percent of these resources belong to the ninety percent of the population.

– What are the causes and reasons behind these inequalities? How can bone remedy such injustice?

– Those who dominate and run centers of global economic power put the blame on people’s aspiration for religion and the pursuit of the path of divine prophets or the weakness of nations and the ill-performance of a number of groups or individuals. They claim that only their views, approaches or prescriptions can save the humanity and the world economy.

Dear Colleagues and friends

– Don’t you think that the root cause of the problems must be sought in the prevailing international order, or the way the world is governed?

I would like to draw your kind attention to the following questions:

– Who abducted forcefully tens of millions of people from their homes in Africa and other regions of the world during the dark period of slavery , making them a victim of their materialistic greed.

– Who imposed colonialism for over four centuries upon this world. Who occupied lands and massively plundered resources of other nations, destroyed talents, and alienated languages, cultures and identities of nations?

– Who triggered the first and second world wars, that left seventy millions killed and hundreds of millions injured or homeless. Who created the wars in Korean peninsula and in Vietnam?

– Who imposed, through deceits and hypocrisy, the Zionists and over sixty years of war, homelessness, terror and mass murder on the Palestinian people and on countries of the region?

– Who imposed and supported for decades military dictatorship and totalitarian regimes on Asian, African, and Latin American nations.

– Who used atomic bomb against defenseless people, and stockpiled thousands of warheads in their arsenals?

– Whose economies rely on waging wars and selling arms?

– Who provoked and encouraged Saddam Hussein to invade and impose an eight-year war on Iran, and who assisted and equipped him to deploy chemical weapons against our cities and our people.

– Who used the mysterious September 11 incident as a pretext to attack Afghanistan and Iraq – killing, injuring, and displacing millions in two countries- with the ultimate goal of bringing into its domination the Middle-East and its oil resources?

– Who abolished the Breton Woods system and printed trillions of dollars without the backing of gold reserves or equivalent currency? A move that triggered inflation worldwide and was intended to prey on the economic gains of other nations.

– What country’s military spending exceeds annually a thousand billion dollars, more than the military budgets of all countries of the world combined?

– Which governments are the most indebted ones in the world?

– Who dominates the policy-making establishments of the world economy?

– Who are responsible for the world economic recession, and are imposing its consequences on America, Europe and the world in general?

– Which governments are ever ready to drop thousands of bombs on other countries, but ponder and hesitate to send a bit of food aid to famine-stricken people in Somalia or in other places?

– Who are the ones dominating the Security Council which is ostensibly responsible to safeguard the international security?

– There exist tens of other similar questions and of course, the answers are clear.

– The majority of nations and governments of the world have had no role in the creation of the current global crises, and as a matter of fact were themselves the victims of such policies.

– It is as lucid as daylight that the same slave masters and colonial powers that once instigated the two world wars have caused widespread miseries and disorder with far-reaching effects across the globe since then.

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

– Do these arrogant powers really have the competence and ability to run or govern the world, or is it acceptable that they call themselves as the sole defender of freedom, democracy, and human rights, while they militarily attack and occupy other countries?

– Can the flower of democracy blossom from NATO’s missiles, bombs or, guns?

Ladies and Gentlemen;

– If some European countries still use the Holocaust, after six decades, as the excuse to pay fine or ransom to the Zionists, should it not be an obligation upon the slave masters or colonial powers to pay reparations to the affected nations?

– If the damage and losses of the period of slavery and colonialism were indeed compensated, what would happen to the manipulators and behind-the-scene political powers in the United States and in Europe? Will there remain any gaps between the North and the South?

– If only half of military expenditures of the United States and its allies in NATO is cut to help solve the economic problems in their own countries will they be witnessing any symptom of the economic crisis?

– What would happen, if the same amount is allocated to poor nations?

– What is the justification for the presence of hundreds of US military and intelligence bases in different parts of the world, including 268 bases in Germany, 124 in Japan, 87 in South Korea, 83 in Italy, 45 in the United-Kingdom, and 21 in Portugal? Does this mean anything other than military occupation?

– Don’t the bombs deployed in the said bases undermine the security of other nations?

Ladies and Gentlemen

– The main question is the quest for the root cause of such attitudes?

– The prime reason should be sought in the beliefs and tendencies of the establishment.

– An assembly of people in contradiction with the inner human instincts and disposition who also have no faith in God and in the path of the divine prophets, replace their lust for power and materialistic ends with heavenly values.

– To them, only power and wealth prevail, and every attempt must bring into focus these sinister goals.

– Oppressed nations have no hope to restore or protect their legitimate rights against these powers.

– These powers seek their progress, prosperity and dignity through the poverty, humiliation and annihilation of others.

– They consider themselves superior to others enjoying special privileges or concessions. They have no respect for others and easily violate the rights of all nations and governments.

– They proclaim themselves as the indisputable custodians of all governments and nations through intimidation, recourse to threat and force, and the abuse of international mechanisms. They simply break all the internationally-recognized and regulations.

– They insist on imposing their lifestyle and beliefs on others.

– They officially support racism.

– They weaken countries through military intervention, and destroy their infrastructures, in order to plunder their resources by making them all the more dependent.

– They sow the seeds of hate and hostility among nations and people of different pursuits, in order to prevent them from fulfilling their goals of development and progress.

– All cultures, identities, lives, values and wealth of nations, women, youth, families, families as well as the wealth of nations are sacrificed by their hegemonistic tendencies and the inclination to enslave and captivate others.

– Hypocrisy and deceit are allowed to secure their interests and imperialistic goals. Drug- trafficking and killing of innocent human beings are also allowed in pursuit of such diabolic goals. Despite NATO’s presence in the occupied Afghanistan, there has been a dramatic increase in the production of illicit drugs there.

– They tolerate no question or criticism, and instead of presenting a reason for their violations, they always put themselves in the position of a claimant.

– By using their imperialistic media network which is under the influence of colonialism they threaten anyone who questions the Holocaust, and September 11 with sanctions and military action.

– Last year, when the need to form a fact-finding team to undertake a thorough investigation concerning the hidden elements involved in September 11 incident was brought up- an idea which is also endorsed by all independent governments and nations as well as by the majority in the United States-, my country and myself came under pressure and threats by the government of the United States.

– Instead of assigning a fact-finding team, they killed the main perpetrator and threw his body into the sea.

– Would it not have been reasonable to bring to justice and try openly the main perpetrator of the incident in order to identify the elements behind the safe space provided for the invading aircraft to attack the twin world trade towers?

– Why should it not have been allowed to bring him into trial to help recognize those who launched terrorist groups and brought wars and other miseries into the region?

– Is there any classified information that must be kept secret?

– They view Zionism as a sacred notion or ideology and any question concerning its very foundation and history is condemned by them as an unforgivable sin. However they endorse and allow sacrileges and insult against beliefs of other divine religions.

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

– Real freedom, justice,, dignity, well being, and lasting security are the rights of all nations.

– These values can neither be achieved by reliance on the current inefficient system of world governance, nor through the intervention of the world arrogant powers and the gun barrels of NATO forces.

– These values could only be realized under independence and recognition of others’ right and through harmony and cooperation.

– Is there any way to address the problems and challenges besetting the world by using the prevailing international mechanisms or tools to help humanity achieve the long-standing aspiration of peace, security and equality?

– All those who tried to introduce reforms whilst preserving the existing norms and tendencies have failed. The valuable efforts made by the Non-Aligned movement and Group 77 and 15 as well as by some prominent individuals have failed to bring fundamental changes.

– Governance and management of the world entail fundamental reforms

– What has to be done now?

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

– Efforts must be made with a firm resolve and through collective cooperation to map out a new plan, on the basis of principles and the very foundation of human universal values such as Monotheism, justice, freedom, love and the quest for happiness.

– The idea of creation of the United Nations remains a great and historical achievement of mankind. Its importance must be appreciated and its capacities must be used to the extent possible for our noble goals.

– We should not allow the organization which is the reflection of the collective will and shared aspiration of the community of nations, to deviate from its main course and play into the hands of the world powers.

– Conducive ground must be prepared to ensure collective participation and involvement of nations in an effort to promote lasting peace and security.

– Shared and collective management of the world must be achieved in its true sense, and based on the underlying principles enshrined in the international law; and justice must serve as the criterion and the basis for all international decisions or actions.

– All of us should acknowledge the fact that there is no other way than the shared and collective management of the world in order to put an end to the present disorders, tyranny, and discriminations worldwide.

– This is indeed the sole way to prosperity and welfare of human society which is an established and vivid truth.

– While acknowledging the above truth, one should note that it is not enough and that we must have further faith in that and spare no effort toward its realization.

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

– Shared and collective management of the world is the legitimate right of all nations, and we as their representatives, have an obligation to defend their rights. Although some powers continuously try to frustrate all international efforts, aimed at promoting collective cooperation, we must, however, strengthen our belief in achieving the perceived goal of establishing a shared and collective cooperation to run the world.

– The United Nations was created to make possible effective participation of all nations in international decision-making processes.

– We all know that this goal has not yet been fulfilled because of the absence of justice in the current management structures and mechanisms of the UN.

– The composition of the Security Council is unjust and inequitable. Therefore, changes and restructuring of the United Nations are considered as the basic demands of the nations that must be addressed by the General Assembly.

– During last year session, I emphasized the importance of this issue and called for the designation of this decade as the decade of shared and collective Global Management.

– I would like now to reiterate my proposal and I am sure that through international cooperation diligent and efforts of committed world leaders or governments and through insistence on justice and the support of all other nations, we can expedite the building of a common bright future.

– This movement is certainly on the rightful path of creation with the assurance of promising future for humanity.

– A future that will be built when humanity initiates to trend the path of of the divine prophets and the righteous the under the leadership of Imam al-Mahdi, the Ultimate Savior of mankind and the inheritor to all divine messengers, leaders and to the pure generation of our great Prophet

– Creation of a supreme and ideal society with the arrival of a perfect human being who is a true and sincere lover of all human beings, is the guaranteed promise of Allah.

– He will come with Jesus Christ to lead the freedom and justice lovers to eradicate tyranny and discrimination, and promote knowledge, peace, justice freedom and love across the world. He will present to every single individual all the beauties of the world and all good things which bring happiness for humankind.

– Today nations have been awakened and with the increase in public awareness, they no longer succumb to oppressions and discriminations.

– The world is now witnessing more than ever, the widespread awakening in Islamic lands, in Asia, Europe, and America. These movements are ever expanding everyday their specter and influence to pursue the realization of justice, freedom and the creation of a better tomorrow.

– Our great nation stands ready to join hands with other nations to march on this beautiful path in harmony and in line with the shared aspirations of mankind.

– Let us salute love , freedom, justice, knowledge, and the bright future that awaits humankind

(www.irna.ir / 22.09.2011)

2012 Groot Verkiezingsdebat

donderdag 20 september 2012 · 19:30 – 22:30

in bespreking

Gemaakt door:

Meer informatie
REVA organiseert op 20 september 2012 een groot verkiezingsdebat.Het is de bedoeling info over de verkiezingen te brengen tot bij moeilijker te bereiken groepen in Antwerpen. Vooraf worden videoportretten gemaakt van de verkiesbare politici die zullen deelnemen aan het debat. Op de avond zelf laten we het publiek aan het woord: de mensen kunnen hun vragen rechtstreeks aan de politici zelf stellen. We werken ook met een vragendoos, waarin iedereen die zijn vraag liever niet ‘en public’ wil stellen, zijn geschreven vraag kan steken, zodat ze zal voorgelezen worden. Op die manier willen we komen tot een werkelijke dialoog tussen het publiek en de verkiesbaren en eenrichtingsverkeer voorkomen.

Partners kunnen ons bijstaan in de organisatie van het debat, promotie voeren, modereren van het debat zelf en meewerken aan de videoproject.

Interesse of vragen?
bel of mail naar An Coppens (projectcoördinator)
Tel 032723507

UN expert calls for Palestine membership

GENEVA (AFP) — The UN expert for the Palestinian territories Richard Falk on Thursday called on UN member states to recognize Palestine as a state, saying its right of self-determination should be respected.

In a statement, Falk “called on every United Nations Member State to recognize the reality of Palestinian statehood, and urged Israel to listen to the will of the Palestinian people.”

“The upcoming debate on Palestine’s initiative at the United Nations provides a momentous occasion for the international community to respond to a legacy of injustice,” he said.

“The will of the Palestinian people must be respected too, starting this week at the United Nations and until Palestinians can enjoy the right they share with all other peoples of the world – the right to self-determination,” added the special rapporteur.

In New York, Palestinian leaders are expected on Friday to make a bid for statehood at the United Nations.

The move is fiercely opposed by Israel, which accuses the Palestinians of trying to circumvent peace negotiations, and also by Washington, which has threatened to veto the move in the Security Council.

But Falk said the occasion presented an opportunity for Israel and the United States “to live up to the promise of the two-State solution.

“On so many past occasions, deliberate obstinacy has defeated efforts to resolve the conflict,” he noted.

“Nearly 20 years of direct negotiations have actually given Israel time to undermine the two-State solution,” said Falk, who is known for his criticisms of Israeli policies against the Palestinians.

(www.maannews.net / 22.09.2011)

Bahrain activists may be charged for Web postings

(AP)  MANAMA, Bahrain — Bahrain is stepping up pressure on anti-government activists ahead of elections this week, warning they could face jail for posting Web messages urging protests or other acts of dissent.

The Interior Ministry statement is part of wider security measures taking shape Thursday before the highly charged parliamentary elections. It says that charges could be filed against anyone using social media and websites to urge for demonstrations
or anti-state actions.

Some Shiite-led groups are calling for escalated protests to press demands for greater rights from the Sunni monarchy.

The voting on Saturday is for 18 parliament seats abandoned by Shiite lawmakers six
months ago to protest the crackdowns. Main Shiite blocs have urged a boycott.

(www.cbsnews.com / 22.09.2011)


The Gaza Strip – Israel’s obligations under international law

Despite Israel ‘s extensive control over the Gaza Strip, in its decision on the disengagement plan, the government stated that implementation of the plan would “invalidate the claims against Israel regarding its responsibility for the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.” In response to several petitions filed in the High Court of Justice following implementation of the disengagement plan, the State Attorney’s Office has argued that, with the termination of the military government in the Gaza Strip, Israel has no obligation whatsoever under international law toward residents of Gaza, who should now direct all their claims and requests to the Palestinian Authority. Implicit in this claim is that Israel ‘s control over the lives of Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip, described above, exists in a normative vacuum in which Israel is not responsible for its acts and their consequences. As we shall see below, the argument is baseless, both under international humanitarian law and under international human rights law.

One source of the obligations imposed on Israel toward residents of the Gaza Strip is the laws of occupation, which are incorporated in the Hague Convention (1907) and in the Fourth Geneva Convention (1949). These laws impose general responsibility on the occupying state for the safety and welfare of civilians living in the occupied territory. The laws of occupation apply if a state has “effective control” over the territory in question. The High Court has held contrary to Israel ‘s claim, stating that the creation and continuation of an occupation does not depend on the existence of an institution administering the lives of the local population, but only on the extent of its military control in the area. Furthermore, a certain area may be deemed occupied even if the army does not have a fixed presence throughout the whole area. Leading experts in humanitarian law maintain that effective control may also exist when the army controls key points in a particular area, reflecting its power over the entire area and preventing an alternative central government from formulating and carrying out its powers. The broad scope of Israeli control in the Gaza Strip, which exists despite the lack of a physical presence of IDF soldiers in the territory, creates a reasonable basis for the assumption that this control amounts to “effective control,” such that the laws of occupation continue to apply.

Even if Israel ‘s control in the Gaza Strip does not amount to “effective control” and the territory is not considered occupied, Israel still bears certain responsibilities under international humanitarian law. IHL is not limited to protecting civilians living under occupation, but includes provisions intended to protect civilians during an armed conflict, regardless of the status of the territory in which they live. Given that Israel contends that an armed conflict exists between it and the Palestinian organizations fighting against it, which has continued even after the disengagement, such provisions apply. These provisions are found, for example, in the Fourth Geneva Convention, pursuant to which Israel must protect the wounded, sick, children under age fifteen, and pregnant women, enable the free passage of medicines and essential foodstuffs, enable medical teams to provide assistance, and refrain from imposing collective punishment.

Another legal source for Israel ‘s responsibility towards the residents of the Gaza Strip is derived from international human rights law. The founding instrument of this branch of law is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948). Its principal provisions have been enshrined over the years in six international conventions that have been adopted by the United Nations and ratified by Israel . These conventions recognize the right of every person to freedom of movement, to work, to an adequate standard of living, to education, to adequate health care, and to family life. Each party to the conventions undertakes to carry out the provisions not only inside its own sovereign territory, but also as regards persons under its control.

According to the UN Human Rights Committee, which is composed of independent experts from around the world, the main question in determining a state’s responsibility relating to a certain act is not whether the act was carried out in the state’s sovereign territory, but the nature of the relations between the individual harmed and the state. In other words, the responsibility of a state to respect the human rights of a particular population is a function of the state’s control over the population, and not necessarily the status of the territory in which the population lives. This conclusion is also inevitable in light of the universal principle that, in the language of Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.”

Thus, Israel cannot evade its legal responsibility to respect the human rights of residents of the Gaza Strip in those areas of life that Israel controls. Even after the disengagement, Israel continues to bear legal responsibility for the consequences of its actions and omissions concerning residents of the Gaza Strip. This responsibility is unrelated to the question of whether Israel continues to be the occupier of the Gaza Strip.

(www.btselem.org / 22.09.2011)

The Himalayan Times : Palestinians protest Obama UN remarks – Detail News : Nepal News Portal

RAMALLAH: Angry Palestinians today protested in the streets of Ramallah and Gaza after a UN speech by US President Barack Obama which was seen as unashamedly pro-Israel.

More than 1,000 Palestinians carrying signs denouncing Obama gathered outside the West Bank headquarters of Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas before marching into the city centre shouting: “It’s shameful for America to support the occupation.”

And in Gaza City, around 300 women held a protest outside the UN headquarters, shouting anti-Obama slogans as Hamas security forces watched them without

Obama’s address to the UN General Assembly, in which he reiterated his opposition to the Palestinian bid for UN membership, and empathised with Israel’s struggle in a hostile region without mentioning the occupation or Jewish settlements, has sparked almost unanimous condemnation across the Palestinian territories.

“America is the head of the snake,” bellowed demonstrators in Ramallah as they held up signs deriding Obama for his address, in which he warned the Palestinians there would be “no shortcuts” to peace. “Shame on those who pretend to be democratic,” read one placard as the throng marched to the city centre, where on Wednesday more than 15,000 people had gathered for a festival of support for the UN membership

The Palestinian workers union said it would call for rallies outside US embassies across the Arab world on Friday.

Commentators, politicians and ordinary people alike said Obama’s speech, which came just two days before Abbas formally requests UN membership for a Palestinian state,
proved Washington was incapable of serving as an impartial broker in matters related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“Obama’s speech reflects the American bias towards the Israeli occupation and it proves that the continuing Arab and Palestinian bet on the Americans is wrong,” said Sami Abu Zuhri, a spokesman for Gaza’s Hamas rulers.

“We call for the adoption of a national Palestinian strategy based on self reliance and the Arab and Muslim world in light of this American and Israeli arrogance.”

Commentators in the main Palestinian newspapers all took the same angry and disappointed tone over the US president’s remarks. Similar complaints could be heard on the Palestinian street.

“When Obama came into the White House as president, his positions and aspirations gave us hope,” said Mohammed Zeidan, a school director in Ramallah, who accused the US president of being “fair to every Arab country except the Palestinian people.”

“But Obama showed the whole world yesterday that America cannot be anywhere but by Israel’s side always and he is no different from the American heads of state who came before him.”

(ideastnews-danmike.blogspot.com / 22.09.2011)

Rutte: Onverstandige plannen Abbas belasten het vredesproces

Minister-president Mark Rutte voelt er niets voor zijn standpunt over het conflict tussen Israël en de Palestijnen te veranderen. Dat bleek vandaag tijdens de algemene beschouwingen. De SP had een dag eerder gepleit voor steun aan het plan van de Palestijnse Autoriteit om als staat door de Verenigde Naties te worden erkend.

Rutte ging hierop in door zijn standpunt te herhalen. ‘Het doel is de hervatting van de vredesgesprekken’, aldus Rutte. ‘Alle stappen die gezet worden, dienen daaraan bij te dragen.’ Een eenzijdig uitroepen van een staat door de Palestijnen wordt door Nederland niet gesteund.

Onverstandige plannen
De premier stelde zijn Israëlische collega Benjamin Netanyahu en president Mahmoud Abbas van de Palestijnse Autoriteit te kennen als ‘verantwoordelijke politici’. ‘Ik spreek hen aan op hun leiderschap om aanscherping van het conflict te vermijden.’ Met het eenzijdig uitroepen van een Palestijnse staat ‘belasten zij het vredesproces’, aldus Rutte over de ‘onverstandige’ plannen van Abbas. Volgens hem hebben alle partijen groot belang bij rust in de regio en dus bij een terugkeer naar onderhandelingen.

Abbas zal morgen bij de VN het verzoek indienen om volwaardig lid te worden. De Verenigde Staten, bondgenoot van Israël, zullen zeer waarschijnlijk een veto uitspreken. Ook de Amerikaanse president Barack Obama vindt dat via de onderhandelingstafel een oplossing moet worden bereikt.

(www.parool.nl / 22.09.2011)

B!NK Marokko Benefiet

zaterdag 15 oktober om 19:00 – 16 oktober om 3:00

Loods 6 / Bagagehal

KNSM laan 143
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Meer informatie
Op zaterdag 15 oktober 2011 vindt het jaarlijks B!NK benefiet plaats! Een exclusief en fantastisch feest voor de nieuwe B!NKIES: meisjes die naar school willen in Marokko.

Het B!NK goes Marokko benefiet is een mix van sensationele muziek, hoog gewaardeerde kunst, vele bekende artiesten, wereldse sferen, dolende dansers en heerlijke happen. Over de top met Kamelen, Alladin, rode sofa’s, prachtige Oosterse werken, beroemde stemme…n, buikdanseressen, en een 7 gangen diner van chef-kok Mohammed el Harouchi van het met een Michelin-ster bekroonde restaurant Solo.

Wil je bij dit onvergetelijke benefiet zijn op 15 oktober? En, hierdoor je steun geven aan het goede doel? Zorg dan dat je snel je kaarten op zak hebt want OP=OP > www.stichtingbink.com of www.ticketpoint.nl

Tickets : diner ( 7 gangen, inclusief bier/wijn/fris ), inclusief veiling/modeshow en afsluitende party = € 75,- ( vanaf 19:00 till late )

Tickets : party ( inclusief welkomsdrankje ) = € 15,- ( vanaf 22:30 till late )

Met o.a : Kareem Raihani, Celine Cairo, Monique Klemann, Hadewych Minis, Lex Empress,  DJ Alankara met Jazz D, Robin Koerts, Marco Hijl en Sarina Voorn, Teema, Fya Hopeless, Oriental Princesses en MC host Nickie Nicole en nog veel meer………. hosted by Howard Komproe en Anousha Nzume