The danger of the Palestinian statehood bid

So the world is seemingly going to be divided into two groups on the issue of the Palestinian statehood. In one side would be the terrorist Godfather USA and her unconditional ally Israel, perhaps few EU nations would also rally behind. On the other side the vast world population who aspires to see the oppression on the Palestinians comes to an end. But would even if Palestinians achieve their statehood, anything in the ground would change?

Perhaps Mr. Abbas has spent a little too much time in his office that prevented him to look at the general condition of the Palestinian people in the West Bank. Oh yes, he is not the president of Palestine rather a part of it called West Bank and he is well content with it. Perhaps he didn’t have the daily newspapers or his associates forgot to mention him that every bit of West Bank is under Israeli occupation. There are check points everywhere, the apartheid wall has divided the land, settlements are ever growing and the settler’s roads have made the map of West Bank into isolated islands. The recent violence of the settlers showed even the IOF (Israeli Occupying Force) is unable to do anything against them. Would those facts on the ground is ever likely to change just because of a UN declaration of the state of Palestine? And would UN ever send any peace keeping troops to Palestine to protect those defenseless people? Only a one eyed person, who is unaware of the motives of the Zionist state of Israel, is ever going to be hopeful that any justice could ever be expected from UN. One thing everyone has to bear in mind that it is not by accident that Israel has never declared its borders on the eastern side of its territory. The goal is clear, to grab the whole land of Palestine. And the only thing that is stopping them to achieve it is the determination of the Palestinian people. You can see it on the images of those little kids who stand before a tank with nothing but a stone in his hand refusing to give up to the tyrant.


So what is the likely outcome of this statehood bid? America is increasingly losing her influence in the Middle East and is making way for new players to dominate the field. And the vision of the New Middle East varies from Israel from others in the region. If the Palestinian statehood bid is frustrated, it is definitely going to create a massive anger among the Palestinians, particularly in the West Bank. And how exactly PA would survive if the large sum of US fund is withdrawn? As a result don’t be surprised if another Intifada breaks out. But to whom it would serve? It is going to give a license to the settlers to multiply their violence. And at the end of the day, Israel would be able to change the whole topic back to her security issue. And of course USA and the European nations are committed for Israel’s security as their leaders so vociferously remind us. Would the Palestinians realize how their leaders are taking them for a ride! How their bad decisions will lead them from bad to worse! Again the Palestinians are not united about this statehood issue in the first place and rightly so. Since when did any UN resolution bring any benefit to the Palestinians? And when the people are not united it becomes easier for the tyrants to divide and rule.

Israel’s policy would be simple. Create more chaos in the West bank and continue the isolation of Gaza. On the other hand as it considers Hamas as a terrorist entity, they can easily accuse the “Mubarak free Egypt” for supplying weapons to them through the Sinai once Egypt has its democratic rulers. And how would Egypt respond if there is another aggression in Gaza now that Mubarak is gone? Would its pro US Army be able to take the initiative to save the Gazans from an Israeli onslaught? Or they themselves would become the next target? When the streets of Cairo and Alexandria would chant against the anti Zionist protests what her army would do? Would the ill prepared half hearted military would be able to withstand an Israeli preemptive strike? The Sinai already has a minimum security because of the peace treaty with Israel. And that fits perfectly to the long term goal of Zionists. Don’t forget the Zionist dream of creating the state of Israel is based on their edition of biblical holy land extending from Nile to Euphrates! And the control of Suez would establish Israel as a global power indeed.


A passimist may wonder what can the Palestinians really do when they face with such oppression? The only hope for Palestinians is to be united among them in the first place. To create a government that can represent the whole of Palestine, not a part of it. They have to resolve the differences between all the parties and to address their issues as one voice. To achieve this only hope for Palestine is her youths. The young generation has showed that to them the only thing that matter is Palestine and only Palestine. Ultimately one has to put his hope and trust on God. God is with those who help themselves and He is the best one to give protection and success.

(Facebook / Mohammad Rafi / 21.09.2011)

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