Women Demonstrate at Qalandia in Support of UN Bid

RAMALLAH, September 17, 2011
(WAFA) – Hundreds of Palestinian women and international activists Saturday participated in a non-violent demonstration at the Israeli-army controlled Qalandia checkpoint between Ramallah and East Jerusalem in support of a plan to get full United Nations membership of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders.

Witnesses said another group of demonstrators that included Israeli and foreign supporters arrived at the checkpoint from the Jerusalem side but were prevented from crossing it to join the protest on the Palestinian side.

Both protests called for an end to the Israeli occupation and settlement activities, and supported the Palestinian UN bid.

Afaf Gattash, member of the General Union of Palestinian Women, which organized the demonstration, stressed the non-violent character of the protest despite Israeli soldiers’ attempts to provoke the participants.

Israeli soldiers had taken early precautions at Qalandia, restricting free movement across it for people trying to cross into Jerusalem or Ramallah. Soldiers placed cement blocks obstructing Palestinian mobility across the checkpoint and causing massive traffic congestion.

(english.wafa.ps / 17.09.2011)

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