Fascism revisited: Wilders questions trip of Muslim converts to Egyptian ‘hate camp’ by Abu Pessoptimist

Fascism revisited: Wilders questions trip of Muslim converts to Egyptian ‘hate camp’

By now it may be generally known that we here in Holland got our share of islamophobia and far right exclusiveness, to put it mildly. Geert Wilders parliamentary group (it is not a party, only a ‘movement’) has 24 seats of the 150 in the lower Chamber and its presence in Dutch society. is quite obvious. His group does not take part in the present coalition,  but it is ‘supportive’ of the present Dutch government of liberals and christian democrats, that thereby is assured of a (small) parliamentary majority.  A most comfortable position for Wilders and his disciples, because  it generates maximum attention in exchange for a minimum of responsabilities and restraints. The polls show that his influence is rising.

Most Dutch will by now be familiar with typical Wildersian statements like that ‘Europe is threatned by a tsunami of Muslims’, that head scarfs should be taxed with a special ‘head rag tax’, that millions of Muslims have to be thrown out of Europe, that the Quran is ‘more antisemitic than Mein Kampf’ or that – like the nazis did – the ethnic background of the population should be registered.

Sometimes however the tone is that shrill that even the many in Holland who by now are more or less used to this kind of garbage, are appalled. Just hav a look at the parliamentary questions that Wilders and on other members of his faction put to the minister of the Interior after news broke that recent converts to Islam in Holland are preparing a trip to (a hotel in) Egypt in order to study islamic institions and pactices over there. It is as if we read Josef Goebbels.

(The translation is mine)

Questions by the members Van Klaveren and Wilders (both of the FreedomParty, PVV) to the minister of the Interior about a trip of  Dutch Muslims to an Egyptian hate camp.

!) Are you familiar with the article ‘Geheime dienst volgt Egyptisch uitstapje van bekeerlingen nieuwe moslims naar haatkamp’ (Secret service follows Egyptian excursion of new converted Muslims to hate camp)?

2) How is the minisyer’s reading of this trip of hatred and deceit?

3.) Will the Dutch converts who travel to this camp of hatred be watched more intensively in view of the threat of terrorist danger?

4.) Has the organisation ’Landelijk Platform Nieuwe Moslims’ (National Meeting Point New Muslims, LPNM) received any susidies in past or present? If affirmative,  would the minister share the viewpoint of the PVV that in that case the money received has to be payed back till the very last cent?

5) Is the minister, like the PVV, of the opinion that this hate trip could entail a possible danger for the safety of Dutch society? If not, why not? If affirmative, what measure will be taken to confront this danger?

6.) Could you take steps to the effect that, when said persons depart to the hate destination, they take a one way trip and will not (be able to) return to the Netherlands? If not, why not?

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(Facebook / J. Jansen / 17.09.2011)

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