Rosenthal doet appèl aan Abbas

Minister Rosenthal heeft de Palestijnse president Abbas opgeroepen af te zien van het plan om volgende week het VN-lidmaatschap aan te vragen. Volgens Rosenthal dragen eenzijdige verklaringen niet bij aan een oplossing.

Abbas wil de kwestie volgende week in stemming brengen in de Algemene Vergadering van de VN. Israël, gesteund door de Verenigde Staten, verzet zich daartegen. Volgens Israëlische media is Israël wel bereid de Palestijnen een hogere status bij de VN te geven.

Rosenthal sprak gisteren ook met zijn Israëlische ambtgenoot Lieberman. Hij riep hem op stappen te nemen zodat de vredesonderhandelingen kunnen worden hervat. Op wat voor stappen minister Rosenthal heeft aangedrongen, is niet bekendgemaakt.

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Introduction to Zionism

The Israeli FlagMost Muslims are aware of Israel’s  record of human rights abuses and  wars of aggression. But how much do  we know about Zionism – the political  ideology driving Israel and its  supporters?

This section examines how Zionism  affects not only the Palestinians  and the wider Middle East, but the  entire Muslim Ummah – directly including  British Muslims and explains  why anti-Zionism is an urgent priority for  us.

What is Zionism?

Zionism is a political ideology  that began in late 19th Century  Europe, which then grew into the  movement that led to the creation of the state  of Israel in 1948.  Zionists support the development of Israel as a Jewish  state.

Catastrophic consequences for the  Palestinians

Although some early Zionists  considered establishing a Jewish state  in places such as Uganda, the  Zionist movement focused on Palestine as the  location for their new  Jewish homeland. At the time that Zionists began to push  this idea,  Palestine had a Jewish population of only about 4% (The Demographic   Development of Palestine, 1850–1882, Alexander Schölch).

The most obvious consequence of  Zionism has been the ethnic cleansing  and oppression of the  Palestinians. At the creation of Israel 700,000  Palestinians were  ethnically cleansed from their homeland (The Ethnic Cleansing  of  Palestine, Ilan Pappe). Today there are over 5 million Palestinian  refugees  and the remaining Palestinian population lives under ongoing  Israeli  oppression.

A Racist Ideology

Israel defines itself as a state  for the Jewish people, rather than a  state for its citizens. Under  Israel’s ‘Law of Return’ any Jew from any country  has the right to move  to Israel and become an Israeli. However, the Muslim and  Christian  Palestinian refugees who were born in what is now Israel are denied  the  right to return home.

Currently even though about 20% of  Israel’s population is not Jewish,  the Muslim and Christian  Palestinians live as second-class citizens in their  own country, with  the Israeli state systematically discriminating and denying  basic rights  to non-Jews.
Zionism – a Threat to the  Whole Ummah

Islam teaches Muslims to defend  the rights of their brothers and  sisters in the global Ummah. Israel’s  leaders have not been blind to this fact.  To safeguard Zionist ambitions  Muslims must either be made to abandon the  concept of Ummah and the  practice of Jihad, or be kept in a state of  powerlessness. Zionism is  therefore a threat to all Muslims, not just  Palestinians and Arabs.
Israel’s policies can be described  as gaining political  domination of the entire region, from Morocco to  Pakistan, according to Israel  Shahak’s account based on evidence from  Hebrew language sources (Open Secrets,  Israeli Nuclear and Foreign  Policies).  Israel has not only maintained a brutal  military occupation  of Palestine but has also launched numerous attacks on  other Muslim  countries.

The Power of the Zionist Lobby

In America, the UK and across  Western capitals the Zionist lobby  exerts a very powerful influence on  government, media and other areas such as  academia (They Dare to Speak  Out, Paul Findley). Well-funded, well-organised  Zionist organisations,  along with Zionist individuals in positions of power,  pursue Israel’s  interests with a ruthless effectiveness. The impact on foreign  policy  and attitudes toward Muslims is devastating.

Zionism and Western Foreign Policy

Zionism drives an aggressive quest  for dominance over the Arab and  Muslim world, both directly by Israel,  and through the Zionist Lobby’s  influence over Western foreign policy.  The Zionist Lobby pushed for the war on  Iraq and then focused its sights  on Iran (The Israel Lobby, Mearscheimer and  Walt). Israel and the  Zionist Lobby support oppressive undemocratic regimes and  also promote  policies to destabilise countries across the Muslim world, in  order to  advance Israel’s interests (Israel and the Clash of Civilisations,   Jonathan Cook).
Zionism, Islamophobia and the Clash of  Civilisations

Zionists, and in particular ‘neo-con’ Zionists, have successfully  promoted the idea of a ‘Clash of  Civilisations’, where Islam is  portrayed as a threat to the West. This powerful  concept is used to  justify oppression against Muslims.

Zionists are aware of the  potential threat to their ambitions if  Muslim communities in countries  like Britain were strong and influential enough  to help bring about an  ethical foreign policy that opposed Israeli oppression.  It is therefore  not surprising that the Zionist Lobby is using its influence to  marginalise Muslims in the West. For instance Zionists in the media fuel   Islamophobia, particularly targeting any Muslims who engage in  pro-Palestinian  activism.

The Urgent Priority of anti-Zionism

A failure to realise the urgent  priority of anti-Zionism has  chronically undermined the ability of  Muslims to effectively tackle the many  problems we face.

Many Muslims simply identify ‘The  West’ as their enemy because they  see the anti-Muslim policies of  Western Governments. However, what most Muslims  fail to realise is the  role of the Zionist lobby in promoting anti-Muslim  policies, even when  these policies are against the real interests of countries  like America  and Britain.

Many Muslims also fail to realise that not all Jews are Zionists and not   all Zionists are Jews. For instance Christian Zionism is extremely  powerful in  American politics, while there are Jewish anti-Zionists who  have done much more  to support the rights of Palestinians, than the vast  majority of Muslims ever  have.
Some Muslims question why we  should focus on Zionism, when  Palestine is just one of the many problems  facing the Ummah. What they haven’t  taken into account is that the   Zionist lobby has a powerful influence on  Western foreign policy and in  fuelling Islamophobia, which makes it impossible  to solve other problems  without tackling the Zionist threat.

Anyone who discovers the full  truth about Zionism and its impact on  the world will have no doubts as  to the urgent priority of anti-Zionism. The  facts are openly available,  if only we make the effort to know  them…

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Health disaster threatens patients in Gaza hospitals

Gaza,(–A human disaster threatens kidney failure’s patients in Gaza hospitals due to the lack of necessary medicine. While patients expressed that their
problem is getting worse, the Ministry of Health confirmed that the number of deaths will double as a result of medicines’ shortage.

Abu Muhammad, a Palestinian man suffers kidney failure, lays next to the dialysis device in Al-Shifa Hospital in order to wash his kidney, a process that needs two hours a day.

Amidst the continuation of the siege, doctors reduced the time needed for the dialysis process due to the shortage of ‘sodium powder’, without which the device does not work.

Abu Muhammad, a 50-year-old man , complains of the shortage of  (Alklsimur) medicine which is used to strengthen the status of mineral and chemical elements in the human body to improve the ability of  walking and movement. He is forced to buy the medicine at his own expense, despite of its high price.Um Wael, a 62-year-old woman, lays next to another device and complains about the short time allowed for her to wash her kidney, the thing that resulted in her inability to move and caused her a severe anemia.

Although there is no income source for her family, she is forced to buy the medicine at 200 shekels a month.

Dr. Muhammad Shatat, Deputy Director of al-Shifa’s dialysis unit, explained that a real disaster will occur due to the severe lack of medicine.

He added that the amount of medicines available covers only 40% of patients’ need. “The number of blood lines the hospital has got is only 200, while it was about 2200 in the previous months”, he said.  Dr. Shatat also warned that there will be a health disaster in dialysis unit if such a situation exceeds a week.

Dr. Munir AL-Bursh, Director General of Pharmacy Department at the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza, said that only 50% of the needed medicines are allowed to enter The Gaza Strip. This led to consuming all of the stockpiles in the ministry’s

Regarding the smuggled medicines, Al-Bursh said, “there is an observation department for the borders to control medicines brought by tunnels, the ministry doesn’t allow using these medicines in any case

Dr. Muhammad Al-Zmaily, Director of medicine stores, mentioned that there are 124
unavailable types of medicine, and 75 more types are going to be run out by the next month.

Patients are still suffering from medicines’ shortage. They are struggling their painful chronic diseases, waiting for their medicines to be released, and putting in their minds that their lives may end in any moment struggling their painful chronic diseases, waiting for their medicines to be released, and putting in their minds that their lives may end in any moment ! 17.09.2011

Premier Kok: positie El Al toch bijzonder

De luchtvaartmaatschappij El Al heeft op Schiphol wel degelijk een bijzondere positie, maar dat betreft veiligheidsmaatregelen om vliegtuigen en bemanning te beschermen tegen terreuraanslagen. Voor zover premier Kok weet, wordt de lading bij El Al op dezelfde manier geinspecteerd als bij andere maatschappijen.

Kok zei dat gisteren na afloop van de ministerraad. Een week geleden zei hij nog dat El Al geen speciale positie innam. Hij had zich kennelijk niet duidelijk genoeg uitgelaten, aldus Kok en zich ,,wat kort uitgedrukt”. De aparte beveiliging van de El-Altoestellen gebeurt volgens Kok ook in het buitenland.

Vorige week reageerde de premier ontkennend op berichten dat de lading van El Al-vliegtuigen op Schiphol niet zou worden gecontroleerd en dat medewerkers van El Al speciale privileges hebben. Dat staat in elk geval niet in officiele documenten, zei Kok gisteren. Waarop beweringen over die uitzonderingstoestand zijn gebaseerd, is hem onduidelijk. Een aantal ministeries is inmiddels een onderzoek begonnen. Hij achtte het goed mogelijk dat de enquête-commissie die de Bijlmerramp onderzoekt in kennis zal worden gesteld van resultaten van het onderzoek.

Kok reageerde laconiek op de harde kritiek van getuige H. Wolleswinkel, die in 1992 leider was van het onderzoek naar de oorzaak van de Bijlmerramp. In een brief vanuit zijn vakantieadres in Oostenrijk verweet Wolleswinkel eergisteren Kok ,,uit de heup te schieten” en ,, een zevental weerloze ambtenaren” te treffen zonder daarbij eerst de informatie te verifieren. Een aantal ambtenaren is voor de duur van de enquête op non-actief gezet. ,,De woede en teleurstelling over deze gang van zaken zal ik niet proberen onder woorden te brengen”, aldus Wolleswinkel.

,,Nou ja, we leven in een vrij land”, vond Kok. Hij wilde niet ingaan op het feit dat een ambtenaar schriftelijk openlijk de premier afvalt. De premier wond zich er vorige week bijzonder over op dat medewerkers van de Luchtverkeersleiding informatie over de vracht van het ElAl-vliegtuig `onder de pet’ hebben gehouden. Hij kondigde dan ook de schorsing van een aantal van die medewerkers aan. ,,Schuld is pas bewezen als schuld is vastgesteld”, zei Kok echter gisteren.

(Oud artikel uit NRC van 1999 / (zou er wat veranderd zijn? (red.)) / 17.09.2011)

‘Hype over moslims is over’

AMSTERDAM – Integratie is geen belangrijk thema meer in de politiek.

“Het onderwerp is een beetje uitgepieterd”, zegt VVD-prominent en voormalig KPN-topman Ben Verwaayen zaterdag in een interview met NRC Handelsblad.

“Goede mensen in de politiek hebben er een neus voor en weten: de hype is voorbij”, stelt Verwaayen, doelend op de discussie over de integratie van moslims.

“Nederland is natuurlijk geen anti-islamland. Het probleem was alleen het onderbuikgevoel. Ik mág er niet over praten, dus ik zál er godverdorie wèl over praten.”


PVV-leider Wilders is volgens Verwaayen ook aan het veranderen. “Voor hem zijn Grieken de nieuwe moslims.” Terecht is dat overigens niet. “Natuurlijk is alles wat de Grieken gedaan hebben fout. Maar het essentiële is dat we erbij stonden en niets gedaan hebben.”

Verwaayen, nu topman van het Frans-Amerikaanse bedrijf Alcatel, is op de achtergrond een belangrijke adviseur van premier Mark Rutte (VVD). Diens kabinet is niet bevlogen, zegt Verwaayen.

Het tweede kabinet-Rutte zal dat wel zijn, voorspelt hij. “Want Mark is geen premier voor vier jaar. Hij is er voor acht jaar. En na acht jaar moet Rutte dan wegwezen. Leiderschap is beperkt houdbaar.”

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Fascism revisited: Wilders questions trip of Muslim converts to Egyptian ‘hate camp’ by Abu Pessoptimist

Fascism revisited: Wilders questions trip of Muslim converts to Egyptian ‘hate camp’

By now it may be generally known that we here in Holland got our share of islamophobia and far right exclusiveness, to put it mildly. Geert Wilders parliamentary group (it is not a party, only a ‘movement’) has 24 seats of the 150 in the lower Chamber and its presence in Dutch society. is quite obvious. His group does not take part in the present coalition,  but it is ‘supportive’ of the present Dutch government of liberals and christian democrats, that thereby is assured of a (small) parliamentary majority.  A most comfortable position for Wilders and his disciples, because  it generates maximum attention in exchange for a minimum of responsabilities and restraints. The polls show that his influence is rising.

Most Dutch will by now be familiar with typical Wildersian statements like that ‘Europe is threatned by a tsunami of Muslims’, that head scarfs should be taxed with a special ‘head rag tax’, that millions of Muslims have to be thrown out of Europe, that the Quran is ‘more antisemitic than Mein Kampf’ or that – like the nazis did – the ethnic background of the population should be registered.

Sometimes however the tone is that shrill that even the many in Holland who by now are more or less used to this kind of garbage, are appalled. Just hav a look at the parliamentary questions that Wilders and on other members of his faction put to the minister of the Interior after news broke that recent converts to Islam in Holland are preparing a trip to (a hotel in) Egypt in order to study islamic institions and pactices over there. It is as if we read Josef Goebbels.

(The translation is mine)

Questions by the members Van Klaveren and Wilders (both of the FreedomParty, PVV) to the minister of the Interior about a trip of  Dutch Muslims to an Egyptian hate camp.

!) Are you familiar with the article ‘Geheime dienst volgt Egyptisch uitstapje van bekeerlingen nieuwe moslims naar haatkamp’ (Secret service follows Egyptian excursion of new converted Muslims to hate camp)?

2) How is the minisyer’s reading of this trip of hatred and deceit?

3.) Will the Dutch converts who travel to this camp of hatred be watched more intensively in view of the threat of terrorist danger?

4.) Has the organisation ’Landelijk Platform Nieuwe Moslims’ (National Meeting Point New Muslims, LPNM) received any susidies in past or present? If affirmative,  would the minister share the viewpoint of the PVV that in that case the money received has to be payed back till the very last cent?

5) Is the minister, like the PVV, of the opinion that this hate trip could entail a possible danger for the safety of Dutch society? If not, why not? If affirmative, what measure will be taken to confront this danger?

6.) Could you take steps to the effect that, when said persons depart to the hate destination, they take a one way trip and will not (be able to) return to the Netherlands? If not, why not?

Posted by Abu Pessoptimist at 12:46 PM

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YES WE CAN Scottish-first-minister-supports-sanctions-against-israel


Alex Salmond has also opposed those who seek to conflate political criticism or opposition to Israeli crimes with hostility to the Jewish Community.  Addressing a Glasgow Jewish community meeting in May 2010, he was asked “to do what he could to halt” BDS actions outside Glasgow supermarkets. Salmond responded with an elementary distinction:

“I don’t think we should accept as a community that your position in Scottish society should be judged or affected by the policies of Israel. The Jewish community is not liable for those policies. It is possible to be critical of Israel without being anti-Semitic. The Jewish community should not be judged on whether people approve or disapprove of the actions of Israel.”

A motion to boycott Israel was overwhelmingly passed at the Edinburgh University Students Association (EUSA) General Meeting on Monday 14th March. In what was described as a ‘landslide’, the motion, ‘Boycott Israeli Goods in EUSA shops and supply chains’ received around 270 votes in favour, with only 20 students voting against.

An Israeli Embassy spokesman today criticised the local council in Dundee, Scotland, for not siding “with the one country in the region where Arabs do have a vote”. He is of course referring to the second-class citizens Israel likes to refer to as ‘Arab Israelis’, but who see their representatives branded as terrorists and refused the right to travel, while in the settler state itself they suffer institutional racism and attacks on a constant basis. Apartheid would be a far better description of the so-called democracy experienced by Palestinians in what was their own country – Palestine before the catastrophe (Nabka) of 1948.

Largest student union in Europe joins boycott of Israel

Posted on May 18, 2011 by James Haywood and Ashok Kumar

The University of London Union (ULU)  has voted 10-1 to institute and campaign for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) in support of Palestine. The motion called for “thorough research into ULU investments and contracts” with companies guilty of “violating Palestinian human rights” as set out by the Palestinian Boycott National Committee (BNC). Ashok Kumar, Senate member for LSE, speaking in favour of the motion, argued, “We have precedents for boycotting campaigns at ULU, especially with South Africa and the boycott campaign over  Barclays bank, that supported the Apartheid regime. We are now responding to the Palestinian call for civil action in support of their fight against racism.”


( David Mitchell / facebook / 17.09.2011)

Women Demonstrate at Qalandia in Support of UN Bid

RAMALLAH, September 17, 2011
(WAFA) – Hundreds of Palestinian women and international activists Saturday participated in a non-violent demonstration at the Israeli-army controlled Qalandia checkpoint between Ramallah and East Jerusalem in support of a plan to get full United Nations membership of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders.

Witnesses said another group of demonstrators that included Israeli and foreign supporters arrived at the checkpoint from the Jerusalem side but were prevented from crossing it to join the protest on the Palestinian side.

Both protests called for an end to the Israeli occupation and settlement activities, and supported the Palestinian UN bid.

Afaf Gattash, member of the General Union of Palestinian Women, which organized the demonstration, stressed the non-violent character of the protest despite Israeli soldiers’ attempts to provoke the participants.

Israeli soldiers had taken early precautions at Qalandia, restricting free movement across it for people trying to cross into Jerusalem or Ramallah. Soldiers placed cement blocks obstructing Palestinian mobility across the checkpoint and causing massive traffic congestion.

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Israeli Army Obstructs Entry to East Jerusalem

JERUSALEM, September 17, 2011
(WAFA) – Israeli forces Saturday obstructed entry to East Jerusalem on checkpoints between the city and the West Bank in attempt to isolate the city and in anticipation of public demonstrations following President Mahmoud Abbas’ address to the Palestinians on Friday, according to witnesses.

Israeli soldiers restricted movement at Qalandia checkpoint between Ramallah and Jerusalem by placing cement blocks resulting in mass traffic congestion during a women demonstration in support of the Palestinian bid to gain full United Nations

Several checkpoints around Jerusalem also witnessed traffic jams and wide-range inspections of seeking to cross them into Jerusalem, obstructing Palestinian mobility and preventing them from pursuing their daily activities.

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PVV teleurgesteld over scenario’s De Jager

Gedoogpartner PVV is teleurgesteld over de brief van minister Jan Kees de Jager (Financiën) waarin hij de gevolgen van verschillende soorten crises doorrekent.

PVV-leider Geert Wilders vindt dat de regering nog geen duidelijkheid biedt over de scenario’s die er bestaan voor het noodlijdende Griekenland.

Met steun van de Tweede Kamer had Wilders daar afgelopen week om gevraagd na berichten dat Financiën rekening hield met een faillissement van Griekenland.

Geheimhouding lastig

Voor de discussie is het lastig dat minister Jan Kees de Jager (Financiën) de kosten voor Nederland van rampscenario’s rond Griekenland alleen vertrouwelijk aan de Kamer wil geven. D66-Kamerlid Wouter Koolmees had er tegenover de PVV graag mee aangetoond dat het voordeliger kan zijn Griekenland te steunen dan te laten vallen.

De simulaties van crises die De Jager vrijdag publiceerde, zijn niet precies waar de Kamer deze week om vroeg, zegt Koolmees. De Kamer wilde op een rijtje hebben welke scenario’s er zijn voor het noodlijdende Griekenland. Aanleiding waren berichten dat faillissement van dit land een van de opties zou zijn.

Maar Koolmees vindt het wel goed dat De Jager nu heeft aangegeven wat de gevolgen zijn van een financiële crisis, een aanhoudende Europese schuldencrisis en een mondiale economische crisis. Een jaar geleden had hij al gevraagd om een dergelijke stresstest voor de schatkist.

Geen hoge verwachtingen
PvdA-Kamerlid Ronald Plasterk maakt zich er niet zo druk om dat De Jager het hield bij simulaties. Hij had toch al geen hoge verwachtingen van de cijfers waar de minister mee zou komen. Omdat economische voorspellingen ongewis zijn, leveren de simulaties slechts een schijnzekerheid op. Volgens Plasterk was toch al duidelijk dat er miljarden in het spel zijn en dat het onverantwoord is Griekenland uit de euro te zetten.

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