Activism Until the End

I have recently been in touch with a phenomenal activist. Her words  inspired  me and made me wonder when are we all going to do our part to  change the world  into a better place, through political activism,  voluntary work and lobbying.  She has been actively writing and posting  online despite her health issues. She  is in the last days of her life;  but isn’t giving up fighting for justice,  freedom and humanity.

Here is what she said to me:

‘I’m disabled, so ‘copy and paste’ is what many disabled people do. I  have  osteoarthritis and my fingers hit the wrong keys. I have over 8  disabilities  and am a dialysis patient.

My work since 1962 has been to do with human rights. I am also a   disabilities advocate and work for the elderly and disabled of my city.  Over  the years I have advocated  for people of all ethnicities, ages,  cultures,  colours and genders.

I went as far as I could. I had hoped to go further, but not having a   business background or degree I could not go further. I don’t think  people in  the everyday world understand how difficult it is for me to  do, what they  consider simple things to accomplish.

In the early days of my illness, I could not straighten my back and a  close  friend told me: “I can’t walk with you if you can’t put your head  up, square  your shoulders. You are embarrassing me.” That’s the first  time I found out how  people thought and felt inside their minds. That’s  when I decided to be strong  and start to do things that might make a  difference for people going through  similar experiences. I  have gone  through the most extremes of experiences of  life from almost 2 years of  age. I lost my kidneys due physicians not watching  my health and giving  me wrong medications. I had a heart attack because of  these medications  and have ended up on dialysis for life.’

Maybe it is time for us all to reflect on our lives and see if we truly are  dedicated to justice, humanity and peace.

Maybe it is time for us to look at those who are not wasting a moment of  their lives, by contributing to humanity and progress.

Maybe we should start questioning our own commitment to Islam and to these  important Islamic values.

When are we going to be able to muster the strength that this activist has  demonstrated?

The Arab Spring has given us plenty of examples of those who  have sacrificed  their lives fighting tyranny and dictatorship.

Are you going to take a stance and do your part to change the world? Are  you  going to work for Islam, justice, peace and progress?

( / 13.09.2011)

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