memory of 9 / 11 and other Terror Attack

Today after the tenth year after this Brutal Terror act which has ever been, we are soon going to have another tenth year of a bigger Terror Act, which is official declared as a War for justice and Humanity.

To 9/11 I would say that it was a hard attack on the humanity, and against any Religion, but is it not strange that the whole world ist making this day nearly to a celebration, to keep reminding us that the wars on civilian which we are having at the moment is justified.

10 years its since everyone was shocked by this attack on the world trade center, but why is the USA Goverment till today is not able to give us any proof about the truth of this action.

Senior counsel John Farmer Jr. wrote that the U.S. government made “a decision not to tell the truth about what happened.”

-.doesn´t this means that they are lieing?

-.what are they hiding?

-.who planned or was able to plan such an act?

Question over question but we will never get an answer, Why???

Lets say we accept the version that who did this act of terror were Arab and Muslim, but in this case they were only the tools, who planned it??? who has a profit??? where are the evidence of a plane attack on the Pentagon???

Yes about 3000 died on this day, does it justify of the killing of over 60000 in Afghanistan, mainly civilian.

_The USA didn´t learn anything from this lesson, the lesson that even the powerfull America is vulnerable.

and does this act justify the general punishment what the US carry on in the arab world

Is this bombing in Afghanistan also an Terror Attack, after ten years who can tell me what got better in Afghanistan or even in Iraq. nothing for the people there its only worse and every day it is getting worse.

in spite of everything everything, I wish there comes the day in which we will not kill eachother because of the GREED of some person´s.

At the end my condolence to all and not only those in America, also the people of Afghanistan and and and…….

Terror does not have any Religion


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