our modern World the total control

as I look arround i only see that we normal Human are fully observed and totaly controled

like in England Camera filmed streets

in germany they are trying to make the e-mail combined with the Id card

even with the GPS system we are located every where we go, in Germany it was found out that the three biggest Mobile provider store you data, phone calls and SMS

data store

for example we are so happy with with the new technik as the mobile phone and all this neu modern community, but isn´t this the spying system that masters up want us to use, isnt it that they are only spying equipments, which does not let us any privacy in our life, the funny is that even we are paying for it, for their weapon against us.

Satellites, Mobiles, Internet, GPS system s  and much more, but where is the solution, should we wait till we human get a chip as the cows were marked before.

Our Society has divided, like I say in 4 Classes

-. a very little number of people who are rich and controlinng the rest

-. a minority that are the tools for the rich and well known

-. a majority of people who are the workers for the upper class and they are becoming the slaves

-. a rest of the population that could be or better said should be got rid of

is this the modern world we want or we are aiming to, the modern slavery, should it not be that we demand for our freedom and a peacefull world, yes everything has its price even the justice, as it was in egypt.

We are get so controled and very soon there will not be th possibilty to resist against it, then we would wish that we have done something against

that´s why i decided something´s

That I will not bend injustice

to fight for that the human rights is for all

to try my best to find the truth and spread it

and will never accept to be to get or be a slave of any item or system, it´s a fact, that i can or even

I am controled but I will never give up to be only a nummber in this corrupt system

and my last word´s are must we accept the injustice, or is it our right as human to resist

(Raef El-Ghamri / Facebok / 11.09.2011)

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