Haniyeh: Gaza waiting for a historic visit to Erdogan

The head of the Palestinian government, Ismail Haniyeh, said in an interview to the Turkish Anatolia news agency today, Sunday, that the Gaza Strip is preparing to visit a “historic” to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, even if not confirmed such a visit.

Haniyeh said, told the Anatolia news, “We continue our preparations as if Pr…ime Minister Erdogan will come to Gaza, has formed a special committee to prepare for such a visit.”

Erdogan and starts Monday for a four-day tour including Egypt, Tunisia and Libya in order to re-launch of cooperation with these countries, where popular uprisings.

Personally and through his desire to go to Gaza, on the sidelines of his visit to Egypt, Turkey, but a source pointed out that such a visit has not been decided not to upset the Egyptian government that allows to cross into the Palestinian enclave.

Haniyeh said, speaking as if this visit would take place, “that” such a visit would be historic, and will allow the Palestinians to show their sympathy with Turkey and highlights the new role of Turkey in the region, particularly in Gaza. ”

Haniyeh said that, if Erdogan visited Gaza, it would be a “step in breaking this brutal siege.”

(Facebook / 11.09.2011)

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