Palestinian President Meets German Foreign Minister

Amman, September 11 (QNA) – Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met here today German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle who arrived in Amman on Sunday night on a two-day visit to discuss issues concerning the Middle East conflict, according to German Press Agency (dpa).   During the meeting, they discussed the latest developments in the Palestinian cause and efforts of going to UN this month to obtain full membership for Palestine. Westerwelle is scheduled to hold talks on Monday with his Jordanian counterpart Nasser Judeh as well as have a meeting with King Abdullah II, dpa said
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Haniyeh: Gaza waiting for a historic visit to Erdogan

The head of the Palestinian government, Ismail Haniyeh, said in an interview to the Turkish Anatolia news agency today, Sunday, that the Gaza Strip is preparing to visit a “historic” to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, even if not confirmed such a visit.

Haniyeh said, told the Anatolia news, “We continue our preparations as if Pr…ime Minister Erdogan will come to Gaza, has formed a special committee to prepare for such a visit.”

Erdogan and starts Monday for a four-day tour including Egypt, Tunisia and Libya in order to re-launch of cooperation with these countries, where popular uprisings.

Personally and through his desire to go to Gaza, on the sidelines of his visit to Egypt, Turkey, but a source pointed out that such a visit has not been decided not to upset the Egyptian government that allows to cross into the Palestinian enclave.

Haniyeh said, speaking as if this visit would take place, “that” such a visit would be historic, and will allow the Palestinians to show their sympathy with Turkey and highlights the new role of Turkey in the region, particularly in Gaza. ”

Haniyeh said that, if Erdogan visited Gaza, it would be a “step in breaking this brutal siege.”

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Tunisian aid convoy to enter Gaza soon

TUNISIA, (PIC)– The Tunisian aid convoy Karama (dignity) left Carthage airport for Cairo on Saturday afternoon to deliver symbolic humanitarian assistance to the besieged Gaza Strip.

The Tunisian official media said the convoy would enter Gaza through Rafah border crossing carrying medical supplies unavailable in the Strip.

Massive crowds waving Palestinian and Tunisian flags bid farewell to five Tunisian young people and two jurists, members of this aid convoy, on Saturday.

The crowds chanted slogans against the Israeli occupation and its crimes against the Palestinian people especially the blockade on Gaza.

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our modern World the total control

as I look arround i only see that we normal Human are fully observed and totaly controled

like in England Camera filmed streets

in germany they are trying to make the e-mail combined with the Id card

even with the GPS system we are located every where we go, in Germany it was found out that the three biggest Mobile provider store you data, phone calls and SMS

data store

for example we are so happy with with the new technik as the mobile phone and all this neu modern community, but isn´t this the spying system that masters up want us to use, isnt it that they are only spying equipments, which does not let us any privacy in our life, the funny is that even we are paying for it, for their weapon against us.

Satellites, Mobiles, Internet, GPS system s  and much more, but where is the solution, should we wait till we human get a chip as the cows were marked before.

Our Society has divided, like I say in 4 Classes

-. a very little number of people who are rich and controlinng the rest

-. a minority that are the tools for the rich and well known

-. a majority of people who are the workers for the upper class and they are becoming the slaves

-. a rest of the population that could be or better said should be got rid of

is this the modern world we want or we are aiming to, the modern slavery, should it not be that we demand for our freedom and a peacefull world, yes everything has its price even the justice, as it was in egypt.

We are get so controled and very soon there will not be th possibilty to resist against it, then we would wish that we have done something against

that´s why i decided something´s

That I will not bend injustice

to fight for that the human rights is for all

to try my best to find the truth and spread it

and will never accept to be to get or be a slave of any item or system, it´s a fact, that i can or even

I am controled but I will never give up to be only a nummber in this corrupt system

and my last word´s are must we accept the injustice, or is it our right as human to resist

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Kaddafi’s zoon Saadi in Niger opgedoken

Een van de zonen van Muammar Kaddafi, Saadi, is in Niger. Dat heeft de Nigerese minister van Justitie zondag laten weten.

Kort daarvoor meldde nieuwszender al-Arabiyah al op basis van een regeringsbron dat de zoon in Noord-Niger was aangekomen. Een woordvoerder stelde dat Nigerese troepen zondag op een konvooi waren gestuit waarmee Saadi reisde. Het konvooi is op weg naar Agadez in het noorden van het land en zou uiterlijk maandag in de hoofdstad Niamey kunnen aankomen.

Eerder trokken al twee Libische konvooien Niger in.
Saadi is de derde zoon van Kaddafi. Hij was het hoofd van de Libische voetbalbond en speelde voor enkele topclubs in Italië, al kreeg hij maar enkele speelminuten. Saadi is nu investeerder in films.

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Haniyeh congratulates Libya’s interim leader

GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Hamas prime minister Ismail Haniyeh on Sunday called the chairman of Libya’s Transitional National Council to congratulate him on the rebels’ revolutionary achievements.

In the phone call with Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, Haniyeh also extended an invitation to visit Palestine and the Gaza Strip, a Ma’an correspondent said.

The Libyan people have always supported Palestine, Haniyeh said, and the Hamas leader offered to send medical teams and engineers to help the Libyan people.

Abdul-Jalil described the question of Palestine as the central cause of Libya, pledging the country’s continued support.

Over 34,000 Palestinian families live in Libya, numbering around 150,000 people.

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In August, thousands of Palestinians fled fighting in the country and returned to their homes in Gaza, Palestinian general consul in Alexandria Jamaal Al-Jamal said.

Rutte: aanslagen raakten hart van de hele wereld

De aanslagen van 11 september 2001 waren niet alleen een aanval op New York en de Verenigde Staten. Deze raakten het hart van de hele wereld. Dat zei premier Mark Rutte vandaag bij de Nederlandse herdenking van de aanslagen, in de Kloosterkerk in Den Haag.

Rutte sprak over Ingeborg Lariby, die op 42-jarige leeftijd omkwam door de aanslag op de Twin Towers. Lariby, met Nederlandse ouders, had jaren gereisd. Maar haar thuis had ze gevonden in New York. ‘Native of the Netherlands, citizen of everywhere’, zo had de New York Times haar omschreven.

‘Vandaag denken we terug aan die zwarte dag toen het ondenkbare gebeurde. Toen bijna 3000 mensen uit meer dan 90 landen hun leven verloren in een serie laffe terroristische aanslagen’, aldus Rutte.

Rutte bezocht New York in de herfst van 2001, kort na de aanslagen, en was onder de indruk van de weerbarstigheid van de mensen, die ondanks de pijn en het verdriet alweer de moed hadden om naar de toekomst te kijken. ‘En wat ik me vooral herinner was de vastberadenheid van iedereen die ik sprak, dat de terroristen nooit mochten winnen.’

Volgens Rutte deelt Nederland die vastberadenheid ‘vanaf dag 1’. De premier zei dat democratische waarden die we delen, nooit opgegeven mogen worden aan krachten van blinde haat en fundamentalisme. Daarom bestrijden Nederland en de Verenigde Staten, samen met andere landen, terrorisme in Afghanistan, Irak en Libië, aldus Rutte.

Het blijven herdenken van de slachtoffers van de aanslagen is goed en nodig, zei Rutte, omdat slachtoffers dat verdienen. ‘En omdat zij ons eraan herinneren dat vrijheid en democratie constante waakzaamheid eisen.’

Bij de herdenking was de Amerikaanse ambassadeur Fay Hartog Levin aanwezig.

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Rights group: Syrian activist ‘severely’ beaten

NICOSIA (AFP) — The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Sunday prominent rights campaigner Najati Tayara is in a “very bad” health condition after he was “severely” beaten at a Homs prison.

The Britain-based observatory said in a statement received by AFP in Nicosia that it “has learned that investigators at the so-called ‘Polish’ prison in Homs severely beat Tayara on Friday.”

“He is in a very bad health condition. He has been moved to the military intelligence division in Damascus,” it added.

Tayara, 66, was arrested in Homs on May 12, a day after he reported that shelling and gunfire had rocked the city, the third largest city in Syria.

“He was referred to court on charges of harming the prestige of the state,” the statement said, adding that he was released from Homs central prison on August 31 but later arrested by intelligence officials.

“The Observatory holds the Syrian authorities responsible for any danger that threatens the life of Tayara,” the rights advocacy group said.

“It condemns the continued arbitrary arrests of opponents and activists, and calls for their immediate release.”

The United Nations says more than 2,200 people — mostly civilians — have been killed in a crackdown on almost daily protests by pro-democracy and anti-regime demonstrators in Syria since mid-March.

Rights groups say more than 10,000 people are behind bars.

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UK based aid convoy arrives in Gaza.

UK based aid convoy arrives in Gaza.

A UK based aid convoy carrying urgently neeed medical aid has just entered the besieged Gaza strip.

The team consisting of 19 people from England, Ireland and Egypt accompanying a truck loaded with specialist surgical equipment and vital medical supplies today arrived via the Rafah crossing. Their entry came after facing delays at the hands of the Egyptian authorities who regularly delay and hinder aid convoy’s and activists showing solidarity with the blockaded people of Gaza.

This convoy arrived on the 1551st day of the siege amidst a changing atmosphere between not only the Egyptians and the Israelis  but between Palestine and the rest of the world Ahead of their bid for statehood at the UN this month.

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Israel approves plan to relocate 30,000 Bedouin from unrecognized villages

Prawer Report plan envisions relocation of Bedouin to recognized settlements, would grant financial and land compensation to evacuees.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet on Sunday approved a plan to relocate tens of thousands of Bedouin from their unrecognized villages into settlements with official state status.

The plan emerges from the Prawer Report, drafted to find a solution to the problem of unrecognized villages in the Negev.

As part of the plan, some 20,000 to 30,000 Bedouon will be relocated to recognized settlements including Rahat, Khura and Ksayfe. The plan also includes financial compensation for those relocated, as well as alternate plots of land. The program is estimated to cost the state NIS 6.8 billion.

Opponents of the plan have accusing the government of evacuating people from their homes for no justified reason and against their will.

Bedouin representative called the decision “a declaration of war,” and some 150 members of the community gathered outside the prime minister’s office in Jerusalem on Sunday to protest the decision.

“This stupid government will be responsible for a Bedouin Intifada in the Negev,” said Arab MK Taleb al-Sana, who took part in the protest.

Adalah, the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, slammed the government’s approval of the plan as a major violation of basic rights, pointing out that it would result in the uprooting of tens of thousands of people and the demolition of many Bedouin villages.

The Association for Civil Rights in Israel in June submitted its objections to the Prawer Report and argued that the conditions it sets for recognizing Bedouin villages are prejudicial.

These include meeting minimal levels of population density, contiguity and economic sustainability. The criteria established, the organization maintains, flout principles of equality and justice in the distribution of resources. “If the same criteria were applied to the Jewish population, whole settlements – including community settlements, observatories, kibbutzim and moshavim – would be doomed,” the association notes.

Moreover, according to its claims, Bedouin villages are planned without considering the needs of the population, which is largely agrarian and rural, not urban. The association also opposes making any planning for the Bedouin conditional on settling disputes over land ownership.

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