UK unions to debate cutting all ties with Israel

London, Sept 9, IRNA – British trade unions are to debate withdrawing cooperation with all Israeli organisations, including with Histadrut, at their annual conference in London next week.
UK unions to debate cutting all ties with Israel
    The unprecedented proposal has been made by the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) as an amendment to a motion next Wednesday at the Trade Union Congress, which also calls on the British government to recognise a Palestinian state.

“Congress calls on all unions on the basis of this policy to review their bi-lateral relations with all Israeli organisations, including Histradrut,” the main Israeli union, the amendment states.

It also “deplores the anti-democratic law passed by the Knesset banning individuals and organisations in Israel from calling for the boycott of Israel.”

The main motion sponsored by Unite, Britain’s biggest trade union warns: “There can be no peace without justice for the Palestinians”.

At last year’s conference, the TUC stepped up its action against Israel by endorsing the international Boycott, Disinevestment and Sanctions campaign against the Zionist regime.

According to the Jewish Chronicle, Israeli organisations are furious about the latest move and Histadrut would almost certainly initiate retaliation to isolate Britain within the international trades union movement if the amendment is voted through.

Any severance, the weekly said, would break a link between the British trade unions and the Histadrut that goes back to the creation of Israel.

( / 10.09.2011)

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