Israeli artillery bomb Gaza, forces kidnap five Palestinians from strip

GAZA, Sept 10 (KUNA) — Israeli artillery shelled the eastern outskirts of Abasan village in southern Gaza Strip on Saturday, eyewitnesses said.
They said, in remarks to KUNA, that the artillery fired two shells at an empty land in Abasan, located in the northeast of Khan Yunus. The shells fell meters away from a civilian car but no one was hurt, they said.
Meanwhile, an Israel forces carried out an incursion in the town of Al-Qarrara, southern Gaza, kidnapped five Palestinians and took them back to Israel, Palestinian sources said.
They said around 30 soldiers, backed by Apache helicopters, penetrated hundreds of meters to the east of Al-Qarrara and kidnapped five Palestinian boys with ages between 14 and 17 years.

( / 10.09.2011)

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