Israel’s right-wing prepares for UN recognition of Palestinian state

Coalition chairman MK Zeev Elkin (Likud) blasts IDF top brass for siding with Palestinians rather than the government.

Right-wing activists, settlement leaders and Knesset members convened on Wednesday to discuss how to deal with expected confrontations with Palestinian demonstrators should the United Nations General Assembly recognize a Palestinian state later this month.

Yoni Yosef, spokesman for Jewish settlers in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, suggested invoking the “Dromi Law,” which permits home owners to kill intruders and could be used to shoot Palestinians attempting to approach Jewish homes in the neighborhood.

Coalition chairman MK Zeev Elkin  (Likud ) blasted Israel Defense Forces preparations for defending the settlements, saying: “The top brass turned into the main lobbyist for the Palestinian Authority against the political leadership, which is responsible for the senior commanders’ adoption of the two-state concept.”

Elkin criticized what he called the IDF’s preference for giving PA security forces responsibility for dealing with incidents affecting the Palestinians.

Yaakov Katz  (National Union ) called on his colleagues to organize marches of thousands of right-wing activists toward Palestinian cities in response to the marches on Jewish communities being discussed by Palestinians. He said he suspected the IDF will not ready an appropriate response to Palestinian marches but would deploy large forces if it feared countermarches by the right.

Katz proposed arranging for marches in a few strategic locations, such as from Kiryat Arba to Hebron, from Beit El to Ramallah and from Elon Moreh, Itamar and Yitzhar to Nablus, and announcing that the moment Palestinians marchers set out from Nablus, for example, a right-wing march would set out in the direction of Nablus. If such an announcement is made, Katz suggested, “then maybe there’s a chance the army will prepare, in order to keep the Jews from reaching” Palestinian cities.

( / 08.09.2011)

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