Jihad in India: Deadly Islamic Attack Strikes Courthouse in New Delhi

Relentless, daily, supremacist Islam. Reuters reports that the military wing of Islam, an al Qaeda-linked group with bases in Pakistan and Bangladesh, proudly claimed credit for the attack.

A powerful bomb  placed in a briefcase outside the High Court in New Delhi killed at  least 11 people and wounded 76 on Wednesday in an attack authorities  said was claimed by a South Asian militant group linked to al Qaeda.

“South Asian” is code for Muslim.

The 2-kg bomb dug a crater  three to four feet deep near the main reception counter where passes are  issued for lawyers and visitors to enter the sprawling sandstone  building before the main security checkpoint.

Deadly Explosion Strikes Courthouse in New Delhi NY Times

Witnesses described a chaotic scene at the Delhi High Court after the blast at 10:14 a.m., outside a reception area used by  litigants, lawyers and visitors to enter the courthouse.

“It was in shambles,” said Ajay Mehrotra, a lawyer who witnessed the  explosion. “There was total chaos. There was blood. People were running  for their lives.”

The Indian home minister, Palaniappan Chidambaram, called the explosion a  terrorist attack and noted that New Delhi was already in a high state  of alert with Parliament in session. Mr. Chidambaram said Indian  intelligence agencies had received information in July about a possible  terrorist threat to the city, which had been turned over to the local  police. He did not elaborate about the intelligence report and said  investigators had not yet identified a suspect in Wednesday’s explosion.

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