I am a Muslim but not a Terrorist

World wide is a war against the Muslim people, its very sad but true, there are different ways of this war against the Muslim,

the main reasons in my opinion is the

1- Zionismus (with Zionismus I mean all even Muslim Zionists) System to control the world, and to steel the Arab resources

2- Some people who only ride the wave because of their Greed and their privat advantage

3- the most dangerous are the normal people, who only are hearing and trusting the false media, and mostly they dont have any experience with muslims.

Normaly their are Reasons to make war, but meanwhile in our modern World is that; reasons must be made in order to justify the planned wars, as Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan.

It is that the area which is rich with natural resources is mainly the arab / african area, a and it is the misfortune that there is the majority Muslims.

Are those resources a curse or a bless? but what ever the answer is, would it justify the new wave of racism.

Quickly have we forgot the results of racism, as for example Hitler and what he did with the Jews.

Or did we forget what the white man did with the African (Slavery)

The world fightet agianst Hamas although they won with fair elections, such correct election was not even in USA.

Osama Bin Laden, was made to a Terrorist only in order to enter Afghanistan.

By this way, and controling the international media with the racist propaganda in which they do it is very easy to convince the people to hate the Muslims, as putting him as a killer

Do you think it is a coincidence that Obama has got the President of America??? A Black American with African Muslim origin, I say its planned, the whole world had hope in Obama, hope for justice and peace, but he is only a instrument

but those Zionist have forgot one important thing.

Not all Arab are traitors and Muslimes are not for sell.

Islam is growing and this all over the World, and all this attacks done are getting us united and stronger

Nobody has the opportunity to choose his place religion of birth or his Colour.

the start is by us , and Iam proud to be a Muslim, and its my duty as a Muslim to respect every religion

No Religion would ever accept the racism which is going in our Time

To the powerfull people stop your lies propaganda against Muslim

Obama dont mix your nusty politic with any Religion

(Facebook / Raef El-Ghamri / 06.09.2011)

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