Ashrawi urges Belgium to support UN bid

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Palestinian lawmaker Hanan Ashrawi urged Belgium to support the Palestinian UN bid for statehood during a meeting held Monday in Jerusalem.

“Belgium has always maintained a principled and constructive approach towards peace and Palestinian rights, and we urge the Prime Minister to recognize Palestinian statehood and vote in favor of Palestine’s membership at the United Nations,” Dr Asharwi said.

Ashrawi met with Prime Minister Yves Leterme of Belgium to discuss Palestinian initiatives at the UN in September and described the meeting as “positive and valuable.”

“The two-state solution is not an open-ended proposition. What we are trying to do is place the pursuit of peace on a firm foundation of international law and multilateralism, and to stop unilateral and prejudicial Israeli measures from destroying what chances exist for peace,” she said.

Israel’s illegal annexation of Jerusalem, settlement activity and fragmentation of the West Bank through hundreds of checkpoints were all obstacles to peace, Ashrawi added.

Prime Minister Leterme stressed the importance of developing a unified EU position before September and reiterated his strong support for the ongoing efforts of EU policy chief Catherine Ashton in achieving a consensus position among EU members.

Ashrawi thanked Belgium on behalf of the Palestinian people for its recent resolution in support of Palestinian statehood and for its continued support of Palestinian rights.

( / 05.09.2011)

One thought on “Ashrawi urges Belgium to support UN bid

  1. There is a lady who usually grabs my attention and admiration. As a matter of fact, I as a Palestinian, who spends most of his time, if not all, trying to keep our plight and struggles in the lime light, would like to see this lady as our future President. I never thought though, that Dr Ashrawi will be behind or endorse this move by the PA. They are wasting time and effort chasing rainbows while Israel consolidates on the ground.

    Dr Ashrawi, do you think 20 years of Oslo going around in a vicious circle is enough to convince you that Israel does not seek peace? Haven’t we lost enough? Is there something going on behind the scenes we don’t know? Is there something we are not being told? Why are you indulging in such an exercise? I truly hope that we will not be bitterly disappointed.

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